Saturday, July 5, 2008

Tired Of The Car!

Going back to our Olympic Peninsula trip (yes, there are still more pictures! Can you believe it??), poor baby Kirsten got soooooo tired of being in the car this time. It was much worse than our Oregon trip. She fussed and whined and just wouldn't be happy unless we took her out of the car. So, we made frequent stops. Here we are at one of them! At least the stops had beautiful scenery.

She was always SO happy to finally get back to the cabin and crawl around after a day of sight-seeing and driving. Our trip was only 3 days total, but it felt longer!

This 'Jungle Colors' book is her very favorite one. She never gets tired of looking at it and pointing to all the animals in the book.

Now that we've done two road trips with Kirsten within one month, I hope to be done with them for awhile. They were fun, but a vacation with a baby is really not a vacation!


  1. That second to last picture of your little girl is GORGEOUS! :)

    Your trip looked like so much fun!

  2. Cute pictures!!! I love that little book she has! :) I agree, Long Roadt Trips are not too fun for little bitty ones. When they get a little older it is easier & FUNNER! :)

  3. We are on the cusp of some MONSTER roadtrips and I am dreading them. Not the destination but getting there. At least you had some beautiful diversions along the way!

  4. She's such a good baby! I love the pics of her reading the boos, she's SO cute!!!

  5. Taking trips with young kids can tend to be more stressful than relaxing can't it? My son usually did and still does do pretty well in the car but the baby has always been a fussy traveler. I am hoping the older she gets the better it will be. We just turned her car seat around to face forward and she really seems to like the car a little better now.

  6. Ash-your trips looks like SO much fun. I agree about taking kids with you's a lot of work!! John and I always call them "TRIPS" when we take the kids, and "VACATIONS" when we don't!! ;) LOL!!


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