Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Cabin In La Push

I had wanted to go camping in the Olympic Peninsula, but since the forecast said RAIN the whole time I decided to rent out a little cabin instead. Turns out it was a good thing we did, because the minivan was packed to the MAX (including 4 adults, luggage, a ton of baby stuff, and a car seat) and there would have been no room for camping supplies. So we got a two-bedroom cabin at the Quileute Oceanside Resort. It's the ONLY place you can stay at in La Push, and right on First Beach! Here's what it looked like from the outside:The cabin definitely had its good and bad points!

The goods:

- It was nice to have lots of space! There was a big living room, full kitchen, table and chairs perfect for playing games at, and two separate bedrooms.

- I loved putting Kirsten to bed in her porta-crib in the bedroom, and then staying up as late as we wanted playing games at the table without worrying about keeping her awake. We had a blast playing games together at night!

-It was a darn good thing we had a big kitchen sink and lots of places to hang stuff to dry, since the first thing we had to do when we arrived at the cabin was clean up baby barf. Kirsten had gotten sick in the car, for the first time EVER, and it had gotten absolutely everywhere. It was one of those truly horrible parenting experiences. We had to clean all the clothes, towels, rags, and the car seat cover as best we could in the sink.

-The location and the view! This was the very best thing about the cabin. This was the view from the huge window in the living room:

I took this picture from the balcony of the cabin, as we were getting ready to walk over to First Beach. It was great being so close to it!

The bad:
-It was definitely shabby. I didn't expect it to be the Hilton or anything, but I did think it would be a little nicer. There were broken blinds in the bedrooms, the heater in the bedrooms didn't work, all the furniture and lamps were at least 20 years old, and there was a pest-repelling thing plugged into the outlet that I just did NOT want to think about!

-There were bees in the bathroom! Yes, BEES. When we first went in there were about three dead bees on the sink and the floor. Later that night, we noticed LIVE ones flying around in there! Stephen figured out they were coming in through the broken area around the light fixture in the bathroom ceiling, and had to stuff towels around the light to keep them out! I love camping and don't mind sleeping in rustic places, but if I'm going to be paying to stay in a place, I'd rather not deal with bees in the bathroom.

This is Stephen's ingenious solution to the bee problem. And it worked!

I do know that the Oceanside Resort offers new cabins that are supposed to be really nice and have jetted tubs in them and everything. None were available for the weekend we were there, but I wish they had been!


  1. Looks like a beautiful location!

    To answer your questions- yes, I live a few blocks from the Seattle Center. It's a great location and we're totally spoiled by living here.

    And the Children's Museum definitely has more for older kids, but they have a nice crawling/running area for the little ones. We have a small condo that is impossible to truly baby-proof, so it was lovely to just put Ethan down and let him roam without having to remove him from the cats/cat toys/power cords/radiators every 30 seconds.

  2. oh no, Ashley!! You poor thing!!! and your poor baby getting all sick like that! I'm glad that no one got stung by any of the bees!!! That place is beautiful but forget about that Cabin!

  3. I hope you all had a nice time there except fighting with the bees.....
    nice pics.... :)

  4. NIce pictures! You are such a good photographer! Love all your pictures and stories!

  5. Ashley it looks like you all had such a fun trip. You live in such a beautiful place!

  6. Hey! It's Calee Schroeder! I look at your blog now and then to see how adorable your little girl is. She's such a doll! This post popped out to me because of it's location. Any other Stephanie Meyer fans out there?? Haha - as soon as I saw La Push I almost peed my pants. Twilight. Read it.

  7. Keep up the good work.


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