Monday, July 14, 2008

Down On the Farm!

We didn't go to a real farm, but it was pretty darn close! Forest Park in the city of Everett (not far from us at all) has a free petting farm, so we took Kirsten there on a warm and sunny Saturday. I'm by no means a cow lover, but I did admit that these baby calves were pretty adorable!

Kirsten was a bit scared of some of the animals. She loves our kitties at home, but these were unfamiliar animals and a whole lot bigger. I wanted her to pet this little goat, but she clung to Daddy and started to cry. She enjoyed looking at the animals, just not getting too close or touching them.

She warmed right up to the bunnies and thought they were fun!

She still didn't want to pet the goats, but she got a little more comfortable around them after a bit of time there.

She wasn't too thrilled about the horse. When I was a toddler my mom dressed me up in full cowgirl attire and got portraits taken of me sitting on a horse. I wish I had a digital file of it so I could post it on here. It's funny, because in most of the pictures I was sitting on the horse and crying! I think most little kids are scared of horses. They're just so BIG!

Wow, these two look a lot alike in this picture!

My parents have sort of a wanna-be farm, and I grew up surrounded by quite a few barnyard animals. My parents at various times have had horses, chickens (still have those), ducks, turkeys, and bunnies. I'm not much of a barnyard kind of girl though. It's fun to see them at fairs and petting zoos, but I don't enjoy the thought of ever owning farm animals in the future. Dogs and cats YES, but no farm animals for me please. They're not very cuddly or affectionate, and I really hate the smell! :)


  1. okay i think I've said it before but your daughter is so cute.

    its my vote that you get her into baby modeling.

    and its not exploiting her if you put all her earnings in a college fund.

    oh and ps just wanted you to know that I added you to my blog roll :)

    I grew up on a small farm--and my parents STILL have chickens, too!

    (another thing we have in common!!!)

    Spencer sortof wants a farm sometimes in life....and get this--he WANTS A PET BUFFALO!

    you think i'm kidding??? nope girl, he is SERIOUS!!! Crazy HUH!?!?

  3. What a fun little place to go!

  4. You guys are really creative and active in your community. That's cool that you go to so many fun places!

  5. We love our 4 buff orpingtons (chickens). I wasn't sure how it'd work out, but so far so good! In fact, we recently acquired 3 more of a different variety from a neighbor who found them in a park. How do three chickens get loose in a park, I don't know...
    Anyway, I remember "Cinderella"s first petting zoo. Same reaction as Kirsten, exactly!

  6. What fun... to go to a farm! I grew up on a farm in Texas! Sometimes I wish we lived on a farm for my boys but... dang, I am a city girl and need the mall, LOL

    Hey, how far are you from Puyallup? Did I already ask you that? That is where 3 of my boys are this summer installing security systems!

  7. Shell: Thank you so much! Other people have suggested I get Kirsten into baby modeling too, but I have no idea how I would go about it! Of course I'm biased, but I do think she's cuter than a lot of the babies in magazines. :) I added you to my blogroll too!

    Merrianne: Oh, that's so funny your parents still have chickens too! A BUFFALO? That would be insane! I guess I have some crazy pet dreams too, like I think it would be amazing to have a big cat as a pet, like a tiger or jaguar that I raised from a kitten. But that's more understandable than a buffalo!

    Tiffany: Yep, it was pretty fun! Thanks!

    Rachel: I try! Since I'm new to this area, I make an effort to find fun new places I've never been to and go check them out.

    Alisa: Wow, I didn't know you had chickens now! I didn't picture you as a chicken person. But I'm glad you love them! Do you get eggs from them and everything? The kids must be enjoying them a lot.

    Bergs: I'm a city girl and need the mall too. :) I've never lived further than an hour away from a large city, and I like it that way! I love to camp and be out in nature, but I like to come home to the suburbs.
    I live probably an hour and a half away from Puyallup. I've never actually been there before, but I know they're supposed to have a really big fair there in September. How fun that your boys are there! It's south-east of Seattle, and I live north of Seattle.

  8. Cute pictures! I think that fear of big old horses disappears when you get taller and then lots of 10 year olds are horse freaks!

  9. We want chickens. My mom says I am crazy. (She has unpleasant memories of cleaning the chicken coop when she was a kid.)
    There are a couple places around here that we take our son to so he can see farm animals. He used to be afraid of them but now he runs rights to them. We have to keep him from climbing in with the animals.


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