Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Second Beach and the End of the Road!

Yes, this is finally my last post about our Olympic Peninsula trip. Did you wonder if I'd EVER be done? I just had so many awesome pictures I had to keep posting them! The last day of our little trip dawned drippy and rainy. It was the only rainy day of our trip, and luckily most of the day was spent driving so it didn't matter very much. We got everything out of the cabin, re-packed the car, and headed to the final beach we wanted to see, Second Beach. The hike from the car to the beach was MUCH longer than we thought it would be, and steep and muddy. Remember, I was still wearing my flip flops!

We didn't spend much time on this beach, and the views would have been much prettier with better lighting. The rain and mist were very vampire and werewolfish though!

We hiked back up to the car and headed out! We didn't stop much on our way back, but we did drive around a beautiful lake that I'll have to spend some time at on another trip. Oh, and we DID drive through the town of Forks a couple of times and ate there too, but I didn't take any pictures because there really was nothing to see in that little town. I can understand now why Bella must have been really upset to be moving there at the beginning! What would you do for fun there?
We loved our trip, but it was a relief to get home when we did, and no one was happier to be home than Kirsten!


  1. Very cool trip!! Those are awesome, fairytale-ish pictures! Love it!

  2. Goodness...those are great pictures AGAIN! :)

    and Walking through MUD in FLIP FLOPS?? yikes...i did that before and I ended up with spots of mudd all up my back! Not pretty! Hope you didn't have anything like that!!!

    Yes...I bet your baby WAS the happiest to be back home :)

  3. Such an awesome trip! Thanks for sharing!


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