Sunday, July 27, 2008

American Idols Concert!!!

I went to the American Idols concert in Tacoma a couple of weeks ago, and never posted about it! Shame on me! I was super excited about it! I've actually been to the concert every year since I first started watching in 2005. It's such a great way to end the season, after watching them every week and getting so wrapped up in the show.This year I was especially thrilled to go to the show, since the top 2 have been my favorite top 2 EVER! I really didn't care who won because I loved both the David's so much. And yes, they both sounded really awesome live!
You probably all figured this out, but I took none of these pictures myself. I was sitting far, far, FAR away from the stage.
I went to the concert with Stephen and Stacy, and we were all in agreement about who the best and worst performers of the concert were. Some of them surprised us too!

The stand-out voices in the live show were:

#1- Michael Johns! He blew the roof off the place and sounded AMAZING! He sang the Queen medley he did on the show, "Dream On", and "It's All Wrong But It's Alright." Seriously, I would pay to see him perform a full concert. I had guessed he would be one of the best on the tour, because I loved him on the show so much and thought he would be in the final 4.

#2- (And this one surprised us. . .) Kristy Lee Cook! I was surprised she lasted as long as she did on the show, but her voice sounded really great live! When she sang "God Bless the USA" it was one of the highlights of the whole concert.

#3- David Archuleta! David Cook sounded great too, but pretty much the same as he did on the show. David Archuleta's live voice sounded so much more rich and full than hearing it through the TV speakers. He sang "Angels", "Stand By Me", "Apologize", and "When You Say You Love Me" by Josh Groban. I really think he should do a Josh Groban-style album! His voice sounded really good on the song.
There were several good performances by Carly Smithson, Jason Castro, and Brooke White. I especially enjoyed Brooke White singing "Let It Be" at the piano. So those were the middle-of-the-pack performers.

The worst:
-Syesha Mercado. Nothing she sang blew us away and it was all a little boring. Really, she came in third place? Really???
-Chikezie. I didn't expect to love him, and I really didn't.
-The VERY worst by far- Ramiele Malubay. I disliked her voice a lot on the show, and it sounded WORSE live. She was so off-key some of the time that it hurt!!!

Overall, we had a great time and really enjoyed the concert! I wish there had been more group numbers and duets, but it was totally worth it and fun to go see the Idols perform!


  1. I am so TOTALLY envious that you went to the concert!!! Sounds like it was amazing. I should just bought tickets. But this year was so big for Utah that it was sold out in hours. I entered a few online contests in hopes of winning tickets....but no such luck.

  2. that would be so fun!!!!

  3. What a fun date night you had!


  5. Fun!! I bet that was incredible!! I really love up close music like that.

  6. We didn't even attempt to get tickets here in Utah because we knew they would be hard to get.

    My oldest daughter went to Jr. High with David Archeleta, then I got remarried and we moved. She stayed in contact with him though even though they attended different high schools. She went back to a dance at her old school last fall and saw David, he came up to her and talked to her for awhile. A few short months later he was famous. My daughter finds it all a little strange to think of her friend being a hearthrob.

  7. I'm in absolute agreement with everything you said. And I was also really impressed with how good Archuleta sounded live. Now I totally understand why the judges thought he would win instead of Cook. They were hearing him live all the time.


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