Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Best Deal In Town!

When I think of All-American things to go do, I don't automatically think of the Pacific Science Center. But we headed there anyway on the 4th of July, because Stephen had never been there and because it literally IS the best deal in town. Not for everyone, but it is for us, because we own the magical, elusive Microsoft Prime discount card! Because of that, we get in for only $3 each and that includes an Imax show! It's normally $15 per person for all that! Nice, huh?
Most of the Science Center is indoors, but from the courtyard in the middle there was a great view of the Space Needle with the flag on top!

We couldn't miss the Bugs exhibit. I am SO glad bugs that large don't really exist!

We got to see some more beautiful butterflies, and Kirsten loved to watch them flutter around.

She also had a great time playing in the Just for Tots area, even though she mainly wanted to chew on these cube things. Gross!

Then we found her favorite thing there. . . the little red car! It was most definitely a big hit!

The helicopter was pretty fun too, but the car had buttons that lit up and made noises, so the car was MUCH more fascinating.

The Imax film included in the price wasn't just a nature film either. It was Kung Fu Panda! Kirsten wouldn't have lasted through the movie, so we exchanged our tickets and came back the next day without her. It was such a funny movie, we totally loved it! In just a couple of weeks we'll be able to go back there and see the new Batman movie. . . on an IMAX screen with surround sound. . . for $3 each! Does anyone know of a better deal than that???


  1. That is a great deal. I am totally jealous! :-)

  2. What great pics!!! I didn't realize that Kung Fu Panda was playing at imax, and to think we watched it at a regular old theater!

  3. What a fun thing to do on the 4th! Kirsten looked like she had SO much fun! :) That would be a fun activity to make as a tradition!

  4. Hyrum is super jealous that you guys get to watch the new batman movie in the IMAX theatre.

  5. That is really cool that Microsoft has a bargain card like that, how cool! Those pictures look so fun! So now, how was Batman??

  6. WOW! Great deal!! and Those are Great pictures!!!

  7. Geesh Ashley! You guys are always doing fun stuff up there. I'm beginning to get very jealous of that beautiful area you live in. And I live in southern California for crying out loud! :)


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