Thursday, July 17, 2008

14 Months Old!!!

Kirsten is 14 months old! Crazy, crazy! She seriously is turning into a bundle of energy. Right before her nap (which she is taking as I write this, thank goodness!) she spent about 20 minutes on the couch with me, rolling and squirming all over me, flinging herself from one end of the couch to the other, pulling my hair, throwing pillows at me, and laughing about the whole thing. She is a crazy little girl!
New milestones this month include:
- Taking a few steps on her own! She usually doesn't do it when we're trying to get her to walk, just randomly or when she thinks we're not watching. She'll only take a step or two before she plops down on the floor or grabs onto something, but it's a start! The most steps I've seen her take in a row while she's not holding onto anything are three steps.
- She chews food much better! She ALWAYS wants to eat whatever we're eating now, and we can't always give it to her because she still gags on certain foods, but she's eating a ton more foods now. It's fun!
-Drinking from a straw! She learned that one several weeks ago. We were at a restaurant, and she started sucking on one of our straws and actually got water out of it! She was quite surprised, and now loves drinking out of all straws. We let her drink strawberry lemonade at a restaurant one time, and she was thrilled with that!
- CLAPPING! Finally!!!
- She says a lot of things that sound like words, but she doesn't repeat them much so I don't know what to count as actual words. The words she repeats the most are "mama" and "kitty."

Kirsten's favorite things this month are:
- Going to the park, especially when I get out the bubble wand and blow bubbles.
- Pulling DVD's out of the shelves and scattering them around the living room. Her favorite one for some reason is the Wizard of Oz, and she'll carry it around and point to the characters on the cover. She also likes to pull magazines out of the holder and crinkle the pages.
-Books! She loves books!
-Her blankie and binkies
-Hide and seek
-The kitties! She also loves seeing dogs at the park.
-Laughing! I've noticed her laughing more this month than ever before. She'll literally go into fits of hysterical laughter over all kinds of things. Today at Petco she saw some mice running around a wheel in their glass case, and she thought it was the funniest thing ever!

Things Kirsten hates this month:
- She is STILL deathly afraid of the sound of plastic bags. People at stores get quite alarmed when they get a bag out for our purchases and she starts sobbing. If we walk through a mall and a janitor is changing the trash bags, she'll start screaming. It is so weird!
- She has an aversion to grass. She never crawls on the grass at all and doesn't like to sit in it. When we go to the park she'll just stay on the blanket and crawl around on that.
- Not being able to climb up the stairs when she wants to.

She loves to get into the drawer of random plastic things and play with whatever she finds. Here she is having a great time with a plastic lid.

She also loves pushing her car around the room, even though she runs into stuff really quickly because our living room's not that big. She walks on her knees to push it a lot of the time, but she's starting to walk the REAL way and push it too!
Kirsten also sent her first text message this month. :) I have no idea how she did it, but she was playing with my cell phone and somehow re-sent the last text I had sent to a friend. I didn't even realize she had done it, until I got a text a few minutes later saying "Did you mean to just text me?" It was funny!

It's been a great month! I'm guessing that by 15 months she'll be walking on her own pretty well!


  1. These posts are really neat. I should have been doing something like this with my kids. Maybe I will have to copy you and start.
    The plastic bag aversion is funny. My little one is afraid of elevators and screams her little baby voice hoarse whenever we go in one.
    Grass, I know most babies hate grass but my girl just can't get enough of it. When I take the kids to the park all she wants to do is walk in the grass.
    Both my kids are very proficient at taking pictures with my cell phone. I always find strange, blurry pictures on my phone.
    Aren't these little ones just so much fun?
    (I really like the shirt Kirsten has on in the picture when she is outside on the grass. Super cute!)

  2. She's adorable! I love how I can get to know her from long-distance like this. You're such a great mommy!

  3. That is so hilarious that she is afraid of plastic bags STILL! Totally random! She is so cute and her hair is getting to thick and long, I love it. Next month for sure, I bet she'll definitely be walking.

  4. Love your little girl! I hope to actually meet her one day! she is turning into such a big girl! I love how you update her likes and dislikes from month to month!

  5. Me "Cinderella" was like that with grass too. It was great for the longest time; I could sit her on a blanket in the lawn and not worry about her getting away. She'd stay on her "island" no matter what.

  6. Jeanette: Thanks! I'd be flattered if you copied me. I love writing down her milestones and likes and dislikes from month to month because I can never forget about them that way and I'll be able to remember when she learned stuff. Afraid of elevators is a funny, random fear too! It's so crazy how every baby is so unique, even with their strange fears.

    Alisa: Yes, it IS nice in a way! I love being able to go to the park, meet up with other mommy friends there, and not worry about her crawling away from the blanket :)

    Rachel: Yes, it is hilarious! It's sad when she starts screaming and crying, but I have to laugh a little too each time. I'm sure she'll be walking REALLY soon, because she's taking more steps now, like 5 or 6 at a time sometimes!

    Tiffany: Thank you! I'm sure you will meet her in person someday. We'll be in San Diego in September!

  7. You've got a cutie! Cory didn't like the grass at first either. We would set him in it and he would try to pick up his feet and hands out of it. Eventually he got over it, but I think it was the pokey bit that he wasn't used to after being on the carpet all winter.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. The "lake" is Lake Chelan. Not too far from you if you live near Seattle! The dolphin float toy is only $5 at Walmart (ew, I know, but what to do!) and they have the same style in a bear and one other one.


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