Friday, July 11, 2008

I Got Tagged Again! Tags Are Fun!

I got tagged by a couple of friends to do this one, so here goes!

Attached or single?
Attached of course to my husband and baby girl!
Best friend? Stephen!
Cake or pie? Usually pie is better, but there are a few really awesome cakes I can think of
Day of choice? Fridays and Saturdays!!
Favorite color? Blue. I also love green, turquoise, and red
Gummy bears or worms? I love sour gummy worms and I also love regular gummy bears
Hometown? San Marcos, CA (California girl forever!)
Ideal vacation? This is the hardest question in the world for me, because I CAN'T pick just one! How about a trip around the entire world??? Right now it's a toss-up between Spain, South America, China, and India. I want to see them all!
January or July? I guess July, because January is a bit of a let-down after the fun holiday season. I still really like winter, but July is more fun
Marriage date? May 28, 2005
Number of siblings? Just 1
Oranges or apples? Granny Smith apples dipped in caramel! I love oranges too, but only when I'm in California and they're fresh from the trees
Phobias? Haha, I already did a post about this, with that freaky picture. . . Spiders, clowns, dolls, ventriloquist dummies, and death.
Quote? "Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die tomorrow."
Reasons to smile? My family, my friends, the gospel, my kitties, yummy food, ocean breezes, great music, and looking forward to the future!
Season of choice? Fall is my very favorite!
Tag three people: Rachel Gunnell, Merrianne, and Alisa Smith
Unknown fact about me: I take a really, really long time to fall asleep at night, and one of the only things that makes me fall asleep faster is when my cat Herbie sleeps on my pillow with me and curls up around my face. Something about the purring and the softness relaxes me somehow. I wish he'd do it every night, but of course he's a cat and only does it on certain nights.
Vegetable? Potatoes, even though some people would call it a starch. It's still a veggie!
Worst habit? Maybe watching reality TV shows
X-ray or ultrasounds? Ultrasounds of course
Your favorite food? I don't really have just one. I love good steaks, Mexican food, pizza, and my Grandma's orange rolls!
Zodiac sign? Pisces the fish


  1. So nice to get to know you better!

  2. Hey! Thanks for tagging me ♥ and i agree POTATOES are still veggies! and they are one of my favorites, too!! :)

    i love getting to know you better!! I just KNOW that we would get along so good in REAL life!!!!!

    i better get busy on getting my answers together ♥

  3. by the MANY of our answers are the SAME or SIMILAR!! that is so neat!

  4. Hey Ash! Well, not a whole lot I didn't already know on this one. :) But, still good stuff!

  5. What a fun meme! I'm a pisces, too--February 20th!

  6. Tiffany: You too! I'm excited to be able to get together when I'm in San Diego in September!

    Merrianne: You are SO right, we would be such great friends in real life and not just on blogs! :) You are right, a TON of our answers are so much the same! That's neat we have so much in common.

    Brandon: I know. . . you know me too well already! :)

    Amber: NO WAY! My birthday is February 20'th too! We have the same birthday!!!


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