Tuesday, July 1, 2008

First Beach In La Push!

When I read the first 'Twilight' book, I immediately put First Beach on my list of places to go! It sounded so misty, mysterious, and beautiful. It's located in the Quileute nation of La Push (also where the werewolves live!!!) and we got to stay in a little cabin right next to this beach. Stephen had no idea what we were talking about with werewolves, but all three of us girls have read all the books!
I was actually glad it wasn't sunny at the beach while we were there, because I just never imagined it being sunny. Mist and clouds were just more fitting! But I never thought there'd be surfers there. That water must have been freezing!

First Beach is really huge. I had imagined it being much smaller when I read about it in the book. It's got a huge expanse of sand and isn't secluded at all!

I loved the big rocks jutting out of the ocean!

It wasn't my favorite beach we saw on the trip, but it really was very pretty and I loved being able to see it from the window of our cabin.
Twilight fans. . . did you imagine it being smaller and more secluded too?


  1. I am re-reading New Moon right now and jsut read about bella spending spring break there and then cliff diving. I can just picture a little flame out on the water.....I love having these pictures to look at as I read! What a great trip for you!

  2. I suppose I need to read these books eh? I read the first one but can't remember a thing. Beautiful though! Looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book. :)

  3. Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog! Looks like you had a fabulous family adventure. Love your pictures... they truly capture what our "summer" has been like here this year.

  4. I also thought of it as a very small beach- almost a cove. I will remember that trip as one of the wonderful times I have spent with you, Ashely! Thanks for including me!

  5. I, too, pictured the beach much smaller and more secluded when I read about it in the book. How fun to actually visit the place!

  6. I haven't read any of the Twilight books...and apparently I need to!!!! I am like way behind everyone else!!!

    That place looks pretty though and I, too, like the rocks coming up from the water! Pretty!!!

  7. How fun that you took a trip to Twilight Land. You took some great pictures, it looks beautiful. I just finished reading the Host and I'm going through withdrawls again. Every time I read one of Stephanie's books I fall in love with the characters and then when I'm done reading I miss them like they were one of my close friends or something.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  8. That is so awesome! I am just finishing the third book. Now I am going to imagine your pictures when I read about La Push!

  9. Count me in that group of those that still need to read that series... I know it's not "like that" - but vampires are my very very LEAST favorite fantasy species.

    These pictures are awesome! You are such an adventuring family!

  10. Alyssa: I know, it's fun to be able to really see the places we read about!

    Rachel: Yes, you should read them! They're very addicting!

    Twinmommy: It's fun reading your blog too and getting ideas for fun stuff to do in Seattle.

    Carrie: I'm SO glad you got to come with us too! Thanks for leaving a comment!

    Kween: Yes, it was tons of fun!

    Merrianne: You should read them! I never would have thought to read them on my own, but once I started I totally got hooked. :)

    Tari: I haven't read The Host yet, because I really don't like aliens at all. But then, I don't much like vampires either, so I really should just read The Host and I'll probably end up loving it.

    Tiffany: Thanks! I'm glad you can think of my pictures when you read!

    Alisa: I know what you mean... but everyone ends up loving the books anyway, when most of us don't like vampires. :)

  11. AWESOME pictures! I have got to read the Twilight series, everyone here seems to have read it in my ward. I really want to find out what all the hype is about those books! :)

  12. I plan to go to La Push for Holiday in Summer. I`m looking for a host family to stay with for this 2 weeks, and maybe to show me around a bit, cause I`m from Switzerland. I just don`t where I schould ask for a host Family. I am also a big fan of the Twilight books ;)


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