Monday, August 30, 2010

Great Family Outing. . . Northwest Trek Wildlife Park!

I still consider myself pretty new to the Pacific Northwest, since I've only lived here for less than 4 years. It's so fun being new to an area. . . there's just so many fun, new things to explore and do! We found a really awesome place last month called the Northwest Trek Wildlife Park.

It's a bit of a drive. . . pretty far south and on the way to Mount Rainier. And worth it! It was gorgeous there! Shady and cool with tons of forest, and all the animals in the park are native to the Pacific Northwest. It was small enough that we got to see everything in a few hours, and just a really good size for young kids. Nobody got too tired!

Check out all those nice trees!

There might not have been lions or tigers, but there were still some unique and fun animals. I thought this badger digging in the dirt was super cute!

And I loved the river otters!

One of the park employees had a cute little turtle, and Kirsten was pretty fascinated. She wanted to hold it.

Probably the coolest thing about the park was the tram ride around the beautiful natural habitat of the animals. When you enter the park they tell you what time to catch your tram, and you get to ride around for about an hour and just see all the animals roaming free through the terrain. It was fun, and also relaxing after walking around all the exhibits.

What animal wouldn't want to live here? Seriously. . .

We saw lots of reindeer from the tram. Great pair of antlers on that guy!

We also saw lots of mountain goats, sheep, and buffalo!

I highly recommend this park to anyone who wants an animal encounter that's different from a traditional zoo. We had such a great time there, and the kids loved it!


  1. Oh wow what a great time!! =)

  2. How fun!! That looks like a great place!

  3. This sounds like an incredible place to go with kids. If I ever am in the area, I will definitely check it out. I visited the San Diego Wild Animal Park once, and that was great, too. I love it when the animals can roam free. So much preferred to a traditional zoo!


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