Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fun Finds for Kids!

Me and Kirsten are both totally enamored with this. . . the Flipper Toothbrush Holder!
We got a giraffe one to review, and it's just so much cooler than I thought it would be. The cute animal suctions to the bathroom mirror, you open up its tummy and insert a toothbrush head, and it automatically snaps closed! Then when you're ready to brush again, you just pull the toothbrush handle towards you and the Flipper pops right open again. It's such a cool little device, I want one for my own toothbrush too!

Other cool things about the Flipper:
*It keeps your toothbrush away from germs, and has little side vents that allow in enough air flow for bristles to stay clean and dry.
*It converts into a travel case that you can store your toothbrush in when you travel.
*They come in so many cute designs, even Hello Kitties!
*Great price. . . $5.49 to $6.99 each!

Our favorite thing on our recent camping trip was. . . the Sleep Sheep that I got from Vat 19. Vat 19 has unique and unusual gift ideas for everyone imaginable (including a 5-pound gummy bear. No joke! They really do have one!) It's such a fun website to look around.

Why the Sleep Sheep is perfect for traveling:
*It's a portable, cuddly sound machine! There's a sound box built into it that includes four soothing sounds and two different sleep timer options. It helps my 3 year-old to sleep when we're away from the sound machine she normally uses at home.
*It attaches easily to a crib or stroller with velcro.
*It has a volume control button, so you can adjust it to the level you want.
*This is definitely something you could use for a baby, and it would grow really well with your child. You can even remove the sound box if your child grows too old for it and still wants the sheep as a stuffed animal.
*$24.95 is the price. Pretty much the same as a regular stuffed animal of the same size, but this one includes the sound machine!

A fun toy we got to review lately is the Sid the Science Kid Gotta Know Microphone from Playskool and Hasbro. This toy definitely appeals to kids of a lot of different ages. My girls actually fight over who gets to play with it, and one is 3 and one is 15 months.

The fun stuff about it:
*It has different buttons you can push to make the microphone do different things, unlike most toy microphones. My kids' favorite is the "Echo mode" button, where they can hear their voices echo over and over.
*One button plays the Sid the Science Kid theme song. My kids have never seen the show before, but they still like the catchy song. Kids who are fans of the show would like it even more.
*The retail price of $15 is pretty good, and would be even better if you could combine it with sales or coupons.

My only complaint:
I really wish it had volume control. This thing is loud!
Another great recent find is. . . Piggy Paint! If you have little girls, you're going to love this. It's all-natural, non-toxic nail polish, safe for use on the littlest toes.

The great stuff about Piggy Paint:
*It's totally odorless. This is my favorite thing about it. . . no nasty nail polish fumes!
*It's hypoallergenic and made from a water-based formula.
*Comes in a whole bunch of pretty colors!

They also have a really great all-natural nail polish remover. Even without the nail polish remover, the Piggy Paint does come easily off walls and other surfaces. I know this because Kirsten got ahold of one of the Piggy Paint tubes one day and started painting the walls and bathroom counters. Luckily, I caught her while it was still wet and was able to easily remove it all with water. Whew!

The price: $8.99 for each color, and the same price for the remover. They also sell gift sets!

My Disclaimer: I received products to review from each of these companies. I was not compensated, and all opinions are mine!


  1. Haha I could imagine you having one of those toothbrush things for yourself, too!

  2. seriously that sleep sheep is one of the best inventions, ever. it looks cute sure and forget about it helping baby sleep, it helps ME sleep!! mama needs sleep! LOL i had one with my 3yr old, sold it on craigslist and bought a new one when we had my 8mo old. i'm not selling this one. ;0)

  3. My daughter has the Pink Hippo toothbrush holder (given as a gift when someone was giving a baby gift to her younger brother)... She calls it the "pink cow" and has to hold it every night while brushing her teeth!


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