Monday, August 2, 2010

Fun Finds: Toy Cleaner!

I recently found a really great solution for the ongoing task of cleaning and de-germing toys. If a kid comes over to play and has a runny nose or a cough (or one of my own kids does and I don't want the other one catching it!), I just gather up all the toys they've played with and give them a good spray and wipe with Dapple Toy Cleaner Spray.
What I really like about it:

*It's super easy, and you don't even have to think about it. Just spray down anything babies and little kids touch and wipe it and you're done! I love using it to clean up the high chair after my very messy baby is done eating her meals.
*It's made with natural-based ingredients, biodegradable, and not tested on animals.
*It smells really nice, because they fragrance it with pure lavender essential oil. No nasty chemical smells!

The price: You can buy it from, and it's $19.99 for a 3 pack with free shipping! Pretty good! Next I want to buy the Dapple Toy Cleaner Wipes to make it even easier.
Disclaimer: I received a free bottle of Dapple Toy Cleaner Spray to review. I was not compensated, and all opinions are my own!

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