Monday, August 16, 2010

Fun Finds: PopATot!

This is such an awesome way to keep your baby safe in one place, whether you're indoors or outdoors! The PopATot Portable Activity Center allows babies to stand up and play, with a full view of everything going on, but makes a really sturdy and safe place to put them.
Why I love it:
*It's perfect for traveling, since it folds easily and fits inside a small case. (I always struggle with folding stuff, and trust me, this one is a snap to fold!)
*There are toy loops on the top, so you can attach links and a whole bunch of toys to keep your baby happy while you get other stuff done!
*The built-in floor cover lets you put it on top of dirt or rocks and it keeps your baby's feet clean and protected.
*There seriously are endless uses for the PopATot. . . it's the perfect camping companion, you can use it at the park, the beach, or your front lawn or backyard. It's also a great place to put your baby while you shower, vacuum, or cook dinner in the kitchen.
*It's really durable and sturdy! The floor cover can be machine-washed and the rest can be scrubbed down with soap and water.

Natalie is getting too old for it now, since she always wants to crawl around and be moving, but I will be using it plenty when I have my new baby in the fall and she gets old enough to hold her head up!

The price:
The PopATot is a really nice deal, at $49.99 with free shipping. This would make such an awesome and unique baby shower gift that any mom would really appreciate!

My disclaimer: I received a PopATot in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated, and all opinions are completely mine!


  1. Great idea, but I agree about Natalie being too old now- Hadley would HATE if I stuck her in that!

  2. Oooo... This really looks like fun, and something you could keep handy in the trunk for those unexpected last-minute playdates at the park, or picnics, or beaches! Wish I had it when my son (turns 1 today) was younger.

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