Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summertime and Swimsuits!

This summer, we have definitely gotten more use out of the kids' swimsuits than ever before. Kirsten loves being in her swimsuit, and asks every day to go swimming. I don't think she really cares whether it's playing at the splash park, in the sprinklers, in the little plastic pool, or going to a lake. She just wants to get wet!

At Stephen's work picnic last month, we had a really fun time at Vasa Park, on the shores of Lake Sammamish.

There's a really great swimming area roped off on the beach, lifeguards on duty, a changing area, and even some water slides that Kirsten will love when she's older and more confident in the water.

Beaches at lakes is a whole new thing to me! I never swam in a lake until I was a teenager. In southern California, we always swam in the ocean or swimming pools. Lakes are so perfect for kids to swim in, since they're so gentle and calm.

Natalie is harder to predict at the beach. Sometimes she loves the water, and wants to crawl right in and splash around. Other times she just crawls around in the sand and cries to be picked up.

This has been the summer of swimsuits, but (sadly) not swimming lessons. I've been trying to get Kirsten signed up for lessons, but the online registration is always full two seconds after they get the new schedule up. I don't know how people get their kids in! So I'll have to discover the secret next year.

Kirsten is very confident in the water if it's at a lake. She'll go right in (even if she's wearing clothes!) and walk so deep we have to tell her to turn around and come back. But if we're at a public swimming pool, crowded with a whole bunch of kids, forget about it! She clings to our necks and won't let go for anything.

One of our favorite places to go is the splash park close to our house. They have a really fun water play area, and the park is small so it doesn't get overly crowded. Kirsten has so much fun finding a stick and taking it with her into the water. (Kinda strange, but she loves it!)

It's such a fun way to beat the heat! Not that we've had a hot summer, by any means. But on warm days we love heading to the splash park!

Sometimes Natalie surprises me and goes right into the water, in her clothes!

Here are the two of them, "walking" together. Natalie still won't walk by herself. She just walks around on her knees like that, and it looks so funny. I don't know how to make her realize that it's actually harder to walk on your knees than on your feet!

We're really enjoying our summer of swimsuits and splashing! Last summer it felt like we were much more confined, since Natalie was such a young baby. It's been really nice to get outside so much and enjoy the freedom of the summer and the sunshine!

And I'm so glad we actually got our money's worth out of the swimsuits this year. :)


  1. Very cute post - that is too funny about Natalie walking on her knees! Maybe she'll be a breaker some day :)

  2. your girls are too cute! Where did you get those hats?

  3. I love Natalie's red hat (and that she'll wear it)

  4. How fun!! Your girls are just too cute!

  5. Darling, darling, darling! And Kirsten's sun hat is so cute!


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