Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And There WAS A Final Rose!!!

I just watched The Bachelorette Finale and all I can say is. . . . Awwwwwww!!!!

Okay, that's not all I have to say. :) Here are a few of my thoughts about the finale:

*Am I a nut if a reality show made me cry? Fine, call me a nut. . . It made me cry! Who else will admit that they cried too?

*I was so afraid she wasn't going to pick anybody. Which would have made her CRAZY, because these were the two most amazing final two you could possibly get! Seriously, I have never liked the final two SO much before, and they were my two favorites from the very beginning. If I were Ali, I would have picked Chris. He is my type of guy. But I knew that she just couldn't go wrong, as long as she picked either one of them.

*Um, book me on the next plane to Bora Bora! It's been on my must-see list for awhile, and after seeing the crystal clear water and all the sting rays swimming right up to them, I now want to go even more!

*Along with probably every other girl in America, I just love Chris. For his witty, funny comments I've been enjoying all season, his incredible family values, his passion for life, the very mature and classy way he responded to being dumped by Ali and all the nice things he had to say to her. . . SUCH a stellar guy. And WOW, his whole experience with the rainbow at the end was just so heartbreakingly beautiful. He absolutely HAS to be the next Bachelor!

*I also thought it was really cool that Ali chose to let him go the day before the final rose, to show respect to him and make it easier on him. I didn't even know the show allowed them to do that! I didn't see that coming at all, but I could see that she wasn't as into him as she should have been and she wasn't going to choose him at the end. He deserves someone who's head over heels for him, and Ali just wasn't. (And lots of single girls out there are probably glad she wasn't!)

*Want to know the reason Roberto looked so sweaty? I read on Chris Harrison's blog post here that after the boat ride he had to climb 100 stairs straight up a mountain in 90-degree heat with 90-percent humidity to get to Ali. But it sure was a gorgeous view! Chris Harrison also thought Ali couldn't have made a wrong choice and called Roberto and Chris two of the finest men they've ever had on the show.

*I really hope Ali and Roberto stay together and that they do get married! They just seem SO happy together, and Roberto's proposal was really beautiful and sincere. What a great end to the season! Much, much happier and better than the ending I was expecting!

*It's pretty cool that they're moving to San Diego together. Maybe I can go stalk them when I'm visiting my family down there in a couple of weeks. ;)

*Wow, what a great season! The show really needed that, after the train wreck disaster that was Jake and Vienna. Jake on his own was bad enough. . . he was such an awkward Bachelor. The whole Vienna thing just made it worse! If Chris gets to be on the next season of the Bachelor, it will be a zillion times better!

Can't wait to get some comments and see what everyone else thinks! If you watched the show too, please chime in and tell me your opinions!


  1. I thought that *Roberto* wasn't going to propose! They made it look like he was still up in the air. So I'm glad he did!

    I think that had Frank not been a Skank :o), she would've let Chris go and had a much tougher decision. But once he was out of the picture, it was clear who she wanted. She dressed much sexier for Roberto. She never french-kissed Chris. She was always the one to end kisses with Chris. It was just obvious.

    Still, it made for a very anti-climatic finale and after the final rose show. I had a HORRIBLE migraine but stayed awake to see what would happen. I wish I would've just gone to bed. :o)

  2. Chris was my favorite from the beginning too, although I only watched some of the episodes. I couldn't help but get sucked into watching this season. :) He just seemed SO nice and down-to-earth and genuine and fun. Both guys seemed like great picks though.

  3. I want to sign Becca up to be one of the contestants if it is Chris...I would love to have him as a son in law~

  4. Okay, so I don't watch The Bachelorette, but you'll be interested to read my friend's post. She ran into Ali (the bachelorette?) with her chosen man at a restaurant today (and got some fuzzy pics): http://thehousethatlarsbuilt.blogspot.com/2010/08/i-cant-choose-title.html

    Pretty crazy, huh?

  5. Hahaha, you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO like me! I was totally bawling too, what a kook I am!!! I couldn't believe I was so emotional over it, hahaha!!! But yes, I did want Chris more than Roberto too because he had better hubby characteristics but I do looooooooove the connection she and Roberto have! SO, SO, SOOOOOOOO cute and I really hope they stay together too! You're in so much trouble for getting me into this show, haha!!! :)

  6. You can totally stalk Roberto - he's a State Farm agent! Just look him up on StateFarm.com! My mom is a SF agent and I had read somewhere that he was, and she said that yes, he is one. So go into his office and get a quote for something just so you can meet him :)

  7. Ok, I just looked him up on State Farm's website and it's not on their yet - at least I couldn't find him. He probably doesn't have his office up and running yet. Boo!

  8. I agree with all the stuff you said. I thought it was a really happy ending, and they seemed genuine. I started liking Roberto more as I started to see how she wasn't really into Chris as much, and as Roberto opened up more. Chris would've been my pick if I were her, but she was just really giddy about Roberto, so that would be cool if it works out. They would have really gorgeous kids.

  9. I'm following you too!

  10. I loved what Ali did for Chris too, it was really respectful. I like Roberto, but I am still stuck on Frank...how lame am I??? I felt like it would come down to Roberto and Frank, but I just saw such a stronger connection between those two than her and Roberto. I really hope I am wrong though and that she really loves Roberto. I totally agree with you that they need another marriage to come out of this! And they are totally smitten, I love it!!!

  11. I absolutely found Chris growing on me and I just adore him. Once I saw his wonderful family it was a done deal. And this is funny in that my appearance type would be Roberto. Also Chris is 7 years old than Roberto so has much more maturity. I hope they bring Chris back as the next season Bachelor as he deserves to find someone.

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  13. Great blog! Don't be embarassed... I was bawlin my eyes out watchin that show too!
    I am your newest follower and looking forward to reading more of your stuff. Feel free to follow back!
    All the best,

  14. Hi lost friend,
    Ok, I will admit that I
    I am a hopeless romantic and was way into it this season.
    I agree both of the last 2 are wonderful men with great values. I liked Chris from the beginning, his quiry sense of humor and total devotion to Ali. Ali was a class act breaking up with him when she did. Finally a real classy thing to do on the bachorlette.
    I was so glad the 'up and down' and a bit too jealous and moody Frank went back to his girl friend. Something just quite wasn't right with him.
    I have a good feeling about these two. She said she is ready to be a homemaker! Wow, that a surprise!

    The rainbow totally had me bawling my eyes out. It was so beautiful and there is a song, "I'll build you a Rainbow" which was sang at my father's funeral who died when he was 61 years old. He also told us to look for him in rainbows... and we do. So I so understood the feelings he had to be having!

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