Monday, September 6, 2010

A Bunch of Lucky Winners!!!

Are you one of my latest winners?!?! Time to find out. . .

Winner of the vinyl wall design decal of choice from Six Under a Tree Studio is. . . #32!
Jenn said... I'm following you!

Winner of the wall print from Carla Daly's Nursery Art collection is. . . #63!
Kim and Corey Nasfell said... I love all of the family designs on Nature's Notebook! Very creative idea!

Winner of the $35 gift certificate to Belvedere Designs is. . . #73!
Sarah and James Wagner said... I would love to win the Belvedere Designs giftcard!

Winner of the Nature's Notebook "Live, Laugh, Love" print is. . . #86!
naomir5034 said... I like you on FB!
Winner of the Faber-Castell Artivity Kit is. . . #31!
Kirsten said... Follow you on GFC

Winner of the Intelligent First Aid Kit is. . . #50!
Tabathia said... gfc follower

Winner of the ZeroWater Pitcher is. . . #7!
Annie said... WOW, SO many great things! I am most excited about the water pitcher!

Winner of the Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizer from Violight is. . . #37!
kkfoster35 said... Talk about this giveaway on your Facebook status and link to this post!

Winner of the Original Soap Trio from Carved Solutions is. . . #70!
stacythemagnificentmommy said... i am a fb fan of yours!

Winner of the Boogie Wipes is. . . #92!
Tylerpants said... I'm a GFC follower.

Winner of the Sunshine and Spice Boutique Handmade Outfit is. . . #27!
QueenB said... commented on one crazy weekend.

Winner of the Baby Book from Rag and Bone Boutique is. . . #105!
Ellie said... I commented on the MetroWrap post.

Winner of the Bumma's Baby Washcloths is. . . #23!
Emily B said... I follow your blog :)

Winner of the Onesie from Do-Dah Doodles is. . . #49!
stephy905 said... My favorite Do-Dah Doodles design is Pauly the Panda

A huge thank you to everyone who entered these awesome giveaways, and of course to the companies and designers who provided the prizes! Lots more great stuff coming to my blog soon!!!


  1. Oh wow! I'm super excited I won something!!! YEA! Can you send me a link to Carla Daly's Nursery Art? I tried to go back through your posts to find it but was unsuccessful :)

  2. Thank you! I'm delighted to have won the baby book. I sent you an email with my address and cover choice. And congrats to the many other lucky winners! Happy Days to all!

  3. yay!!! I love winning stuff! So excited I won!!!!Thanks!!

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