Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fun Finds: Toys!

I can't believe it's the start of the holiday season! Can't WAIT, it's my very favorite time of year! And if you're looking ahead for Christmas gifts (aren't we all!), here are a few unique and fun toys to consider:

*Rody! Ever since I saw one of these at a specialty toy store, I was a little bit enamored with it. I just find it super adorable! The Rody horse is made of strong, durable latex-free vinyl and inflates with a hand pump. Then kids get to sit on it and jump and hop around, and it helps them to develop balance and coordination. I chose to review it from, where it's at the lowest price I've ever seen it. . . $40 with free shipping!

Kirsten already loves the Rody so much she won't let Natalie get near it. That's the only problem with the Rody. . . I'm sure we'll have to get another one someday so that each child can have their own! This would make a perfect Christmas gift.

Remember those paper things you used to make as a kid that you'd open and shut with your hands and they'd tell you your fortune or answer questions? Cahootie toys are created to bring them back into style! I love this idea! Cahooties come in tons of different themes, and each one is made of really durable laminated paper. Each one also comes with 40 removable and interchangeable stickers, with lots of different questions and fortunes.

Kirsten is too young to understand the concept of this game, but she thought it was really fun and got a kick out of putting her hands into it! I love all the different interchangeable stickers, and looking at it really took me back to my elementary school days when I used to play the similar games with my friends at recess. This would be such a fun gift for an older kid or teen!

This other toy I found is just so stinkin' cute. . . Squinkies!
These are TINY (yes, I do mean incredibly tiny! Watch out if you have babies around the house, for sure!) toys that come in little gumballs, and you can buy different playsets for them like a gumball machine and have them come rolling out to reveal the cute surprise inside. You can collect all the different playsets and Squinkies. Gosh, I would have had hours of fun with these as a kid!

We got a package to review like this one, and Kirsten was supposed to be taking a nap when she found it, unwrapped it, and opened up all the little bubbles to find the creatures inside. She was pretty excited about them, even though she's on the young side and doesn't really play with them for long yet.
Now I want to get one of the gumball machines too!

My disclaimer: I received products from these companies in exchange for honest reviews. I was not compensated, and the opinions are all mine!


  1. Oh... these are great! Thanks for sharing. Also... I love that new carrier! I need to go check it out. Ian only ever wants to be held... I might need it! :)

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  3. Thanks for the toy reviews. Always good to get a head start on the holidays!

  4. I love reviews on toys because it's hard to know whats going to end up being awesome or not so awesome I hope you'll keep them coming!! I really like your blog a friend of mine told me about it so I jumped over to check it out and ended up being on here forever you have so many giveaways and fun stuff I will be back tonz I'm sure

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