Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Petting Farm and a Water Park!

A few more of our summer adventures headed your way. . .

I just ADORE getting cute pictures of my kids petting farm animals! I took them to the Forest Park Petting Farm one day and they had so much fun. Neither of them were scared at all of the animals!
Natalie loved the little calf!

Kirsten enjoyed the calf too. She kept picking up pieces of straw and trying to feed her.

They also got a big kick out of the goats!

Kirsten really is a farm girl at heart. As for me. . . I'd much rather just go pet the animals a few times a year. As much as I love animals, I'd hate to be a farmer!

Another summer adventure was going as a family to the Wild Waves water park. My kids were definitely too young for this place. Kirsten couldn't go on any slides, and she was even too young for the lazy river. Natalie had some fun in the wave pool, but the only thing Kirsten liked that entire afternoon was riding the merry-go-round. We won't be trying that adventure again for a couple years at least!

The only place Kirsten could safely ride an inner tube (according to the water park's rules) was on the grass! At least she did have some fun playing with her friends Allana and Sarina.

Whew, catching up on summer adventures! And I still have all the pictures to do from Utah and California! Blogging sure is a time-consuming project. But gosh, I wish it had been around sooner! I kept a really diligent journal as a teenager, until I went to college at BYU and got way too busy. It would be awesome to have all my BYU experiences recorded on a blog. I have hardly anything written down from my BYU days, unless you count all the homework and papers! Bummer, huh?


  1. I guess AZ isn't as careful about kids and water - next time you come here, we'll do the lazy river and inner tubes - $.75/kid

  2. So fun! I love the petting zoo pictures, the girls look like they are in heaven!

  3. Those pictures of them with the animals are so darling!!! And I love Natalie's little hat!

  4. I'm with you on the blogging-is-time-consuming-but-worth-it. I'm so glad you got me into it! Yes, you were a factor. I seem to recall an email saying, "You would REALLY like this!!!" or something to that effect. ;)

    Did you notice a dip in comments when you went and made us all log in to do it? Yeah, that was me. I'm a slacker friend, I know, but I just don't take the time to login to wordpress... um, ever. Maybe you'd be able to filter spammers equally well with one of those type-in-the-word screens. (I forgot what they're called, whoops.)

    But even if I don't comment as often as I should/used to, I still love your blog and I love your fabulous adventuring family! It's getting to be fall here, and I always think of you when the weather gets cold here. Fall is YOUR season!

  5. ack! how have I missed so many posts! My lame reader just popped up with 25 posts from you! I've missed tons of giveaways. And you CAME TO UTAH? {deep breath} I won't be mad that you didn't tell me. It was probably a short stay visiting family, and we've been kinda busy moving and starting school. We probably wouldn't have been able to get together, anyway.

    But NEXT TIME, you had better call me, lady! Also, that first picture of Natalie looks a LOT like Kirsten at that age! I can't believe how big they are getting.

  6. oh my goodness, what fun... and love the little red outfit with the darlin hat!!!

  7. I've thought the same thing - blogging would have been awesome to have about ten years ago! I type much more quickly than I write, so it's much easier for me to use blogging as a type of journal.

    Those pictures of the calf are so cute - I love Natalie's grin!

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