Thursday, September 9, 2010

Isn't It Ironic. . . Don't You Think?

Some days, the irony just goes too far. And you remember that God truly does have a sense of humor, and he's making sure you remember to have one too.

This morning, I was pleasantly surprised when Kirsten slept in until 10:00. This is SO different from her usual 7:30 wake-up time, and I was so pleased about my unexpected sleep-in that I posted a status on Facebook about what a great day it was going to be. In fact, here's my exact status update:

"Ashley Hofer Veater was amazed when both my kids slept in late this morning. Getting to unexpectedly sleep in is a great start to the day!"

(Fast-forward lots of hours later, to the current time of 2:13 am).

Things I have done today:
*Realized Kirsten was actually sick when she laid on the couch for two hours this morning, ate nothing, and then wanted to take a nap at 12:30.
*Cleaned up the couch and Kirsten after she threw up all over both after her nap. Was thankful for the hundredth time that we have a black couch. (How do people have light-colored couches and chairs with small children?)
*Wiped Natalie's nose every time she came near me today. Yep, she's got a bad cold. I can't figure out if they're sick with the same thing, because the symptoms seem completely different.
*Put Kirsten back to bed several times today. Made soup for dinner, which she didn't even touch. Poor little girl!
*Listened to Natalie cry from 7:30 until 11 pm. Despite everything we tried to do for her, she just wouldn't stop crying and fall asleep until then.
*Changed Natalie's crib sheet when she threw up in it tonight.
*Listened to Natalie cry again from 1:30 am when she woke up until. . . well, she's still crying now. And she doesn't seem to want anything. If I go in there and try to do something for her, she just gets more upset.

Ummm. . . so much for my "great start to the day." Remind me to not post something like that on Facebook ever again!

So it's now 2:30 in the morning, I have a headache from hearing Natalie cry so much, I'm seven months pregnant and really tired, and it's been an absolutely terrible day.

Isn't it ironic. . . how being a mom mixes such terrible, awful, completely miserable moments with really wonderful, happy, joyful ones too?

Example: Natalie has been SO cute lately. She is finally walking, at sixteen months (disproving the oft-quoted theory about second children walking earlier than first children because they learn from their older sibling. Kirsten walked at fifteen months, so she beat Natalie by just a little bit. Apparently my kids just love to crawl). It's so fun to watch her toddle around the house and get faster and more confident on her feet. She's also happier now that she can walk and get where she wants to much faster. She's figuring out a lot of her toys, and it's just cool to watch her brain working as she tries to learn new skills. Oh, and she loves to point to pictures in books so I can tell her what they are.
She's also in the midst of learning new words! Her list has expanded from "Mama" and "Dadda" to include the following:
*"Hello!" That one's her favorite. Any time she sees a phone, anything that looks remotely like a phone, people she likes, or sometimes strangers she excitedly squeals "Hello!" Except it sounds like "Ha-wah!" So adorable.
*Kitty. Yep, she's now describing the creatures that she gets infinite joy from torturing. Only one of our cats will even let her pet him, and I can just see him thinking "Oh great. . . her again" every time she squeals and runs over to pet and hug him. At least he tolerates her, for a few minutes.
*Mmmm (whenever she sees anyone with ANY kind of food) and Oooooh! (when she sees something she likes or wants)

And then there's Kirsten. . . and I'm truly discovering why people say the 3's are worse than the 2's. Holy cow! I really miss my sweet little 2 year-old Kirsten. 3 year-old Kirsten has such a defiant little attitude!

2 year-old Kirsten would help me clean up her messes and toys.
3 year-old Kirsten thinks up the most ridiculous excuses to simple requests, such as:
"Kirsten, come clean up the toys that you scattered all over the living room."
Her response? "I'm too far away" or "It's too heavy" or her favorite. . . "You do it."

2 year-old Kirsten only colored on paper.
3 year-old Kirsten colors on walls, her own skin, and the other day she opened up some markers and colored ALL over the HD TV screen. I knew she was being too quiet downstairs! I freaked out when I saw the markings on the screen and all over the wood of the entertainment center. Thankfully, they were Crayola Washable markers and came right off. Good thing we caught them while the markings were still wet!

2 year-old Kirsten made me wonder how parents could ever spank their children.
3 year-old Kirsten has gotten me closer to spanking her than I ever thought possible. I still don't believe in spanking children, but boy some days I wish I did!

I know, I know, someday I will miss her crazy 3 year-old antics and how sweet she is and how her whole world revolves around Mommy and Daddy and Natalie.

I'll miss her affinity for hats and how she loves turning kitchen utensils into instruments:

And I know I'll miss moments like this one. . . her first lipstick encounter:

I try really hard to remember that someday I will miss all of these things, and I'll miss them being so little. Remembering that is easier said than done on days like this one. But I got through it. And tomorrow has to be better, right??? I guess if I can write a coherent blog post at 2:30 in the morning while the baby is crying, I can do pretty much anything.

2:55 am- Natalie finally stopped crying. I don't know how long this will last, but I better grab some sleep while I can.


  1. Oh boy...hope they recover quickly! YIKES!

  2. Hope they get better and you have a better day!!!

  3. Yikes! That sucks. I suppose I lucked out that getting together the other day didn't work out. And I guess tomorrow morning is off too. I don't want any part of what you have going on over there! I'm sorry they are both sick; that is so tough for everyone to deal with. And I'm sure being pregnant makes it all worse. Sounds miserable. Hopefully they'll get over it soon. Sorry. :(

  4. I'm so sorry. What a tough day!! It sounds terrible. I know being pregnant probably makes it more exhausting too. Hopefully today is better!

  5. Oh wow, Ashley!! This post made me excited and nervous and tired all at the same time! And to think you did all that 7 months pregnant, you are a saint! I really hope today has been going better.

  6. Well, my oldest is 6 and I absolutely do not in the slightest little tinniest ittiest bittiest bit miss the most awful year imaginable.
    3 was torture.

    The only way I'll ever look back on it fondly is if she's WORSE than that later... Which she probably will, since I hear the way they are when they're three is the way they'll be at 13.

    Fun times ahead, eh?

  7. But -oops!- I don't mean to be a wet blanket there. Children learn an amazing amount during that year of being 3. It's wonderful and there really are some fun silver linings to the big grey cloud of defiance that comes. :) If you can learn to laugh about it instead of have it drive you mad, you'll be in great shape!

    Have you found Happiest Toddler on the Block yet? I just love the way it covers 18mo-4yo.

    Here's hoping it's a *very* short little tummy flu you have going on, and that you & Stephen don't get it! Hugs!

  8. Wow--I hope today went better! Hopefully you can get some sleep too. I love the lipstick picture!

  9. have been through the ringer today no doubt! I'm hoping the next day went better!!

    And thank you for posting a realistic view of baby is only 6 weeks old but I have those moments too!

  10. Wasn't it nice of them to get sick before the baby came :) And Blake's behavior last night would have ended your resolution to not spank. I've never seen quite a temper tantrum like it. I wish they had awards, because he would have won.

  11. Dang girl! I hope they feel better!!
    Just want you to know that I love you girlfriend, your post was adorable, just like you. :)

  12. Ashley, you blow me away by how patient you are through these sorts of things!

    I hope the kids get better soon!


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