Friday, August 20, 2010

Fabulous Finds!

Check out this beautiful Corelle dinnerware that's on sale right now at!
I think I have a weakness for blue dishes. . . my entire wedding set of dinnerware is blue, and I still love it. If I was in the market for new dinnerware, I'd totally order this set. I love the contemporary feel to the square shape, and it's $20 off right now, putting the whole set at $79.99!

Here's one of my favorite items to take with me when I'm traveling. . . the Cloth-n-Go bag from Kissaluvs! It's meant to be a cute little bag for quick diaper changes (and the inside is lined with laminate to retain wetness inside and not let it seep through the bag, so it would be perfect for a little diaper tote.) But I found another use for it. . . it's my favorite cute cosmetics bag for traveling! It's just the right size to hold all my makeup, and it's just adorable!

Another fabulous find that's perfect for back-to-school are these cute snack-ditties and wich-ditties from Ecoditty! Just think how much money you'll save if you use these to carry your child's snacks and sandwiches to school instead of plastic bags. It's super easy to wash them and use them over and over! They're made of 100% organic cotton, with hook and loop closures, and there are tons of cute fabric options.

Or, along the same lines, you can go with the also ultra-cute and stylish SnackTaxi!
I love so many of their fabric choices! Just like the ecoditty, they come in several sizes to fit all your snack and lunch needs. The SnackTaxi is lined with polyurethane coated nylon that has been tested to be lead and pthalate-free. I like the nylon coating, because it makes it very easy to just wipe the inside clean.

And last. . . how fabulous are these shoes? I'm kind of really wanting them! (Too bad I'd fall over in them if I tried to wear them now while I'm so pregnant!)
Must Have Shoes is such a great customizable online shoe boutique. I love all their search options. You can search by size, price, style, and most popular. And one of my favorite things? They offer free shipping on all orders to the US!
My disclaimer: I received products in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated, and all opinions are mine!


  1. the ecoditty bags are TOO CUTE! they have awesome prints!!

  2. Love the "cloth-n-go" bag - and I'd use it for the same purpose most likely, even though I could also use it for those oh-so-normal diapers.

  3. I love those sandwich bags, I really need to get some!

  4. I love that dinnerware set! My dishes are blue also, but those are much cuter than what I have :)


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