Friday, October 30, 2009

Lots of Pumpkins!!!

A couple of weeks ago, we ventured out to the Pumpkin Farm at Swan's Trail in Snohomish. We got awesome weather for it, and it turned out to be the last sunny Saturday in October so it was lucky that we chose that day to go! It amazes me that there are SO MANY pumpkin farms in the Seattle area. You could go to a different one every week for lots of years and still not see them all! In San Diego, there was always only one (good old Bates Nut Farm!) and everybody goes to that one. Much as I love that farm, it's great having a whole bunch to choose from and try out!

Here's our family picture at the Farm!

They had tons of cute animals at this farm. Kirsten (and me!) loved the kittens, and Kirsten got to pet a bunny for the very first time.

She thought the pigs were pretty hilarious!

Our good friends the Van Dykes came with us, and it was so cute to watch the kids all play together around the Farm.

Kirsten didn't want to get on this tractor with me, but she had no problem getting on with her friend Allana. :)

Starting our quest to find the perfect pumpkins. . .

Finding a great pumpkin requires some pretty intense searching!

I don't think we can take this one home with us, Kirsten. . . it's a little too big!

She found her pumpkin! Just the right size!

Natalie was just happy to be out in the sunshine. . . until she got tired and fell asleep in her car seat. But while she was awake, we got some great pictures of the little smiler! Six months old and HAPPY!

I was thrilled that we ended up getting some great pictures in the middle of the pumpkin patch. It took MANY tries to get these. Thank goodness for digital cameras!

I freaking ADORE this picture of me and my Natalie baby! It's my new Facebook profile picture.

Love this one too!

I can't believe that six months ago I was still pregnant with Natalie. I just can't imagine life without her!

We all found great pumpkins! Stephen picked the green one. Green ones are kind of different and cool, but I just love the bright, buttery orange of the originals!

We got some yummy apple cider and some lunch after our pumpkin hunting. Kirsten really enjoyed the corn on the cob! And then she had to go see the animals one more time before we went home.

October is just the most glorious month! I'd say it's my second favorite month of the year. December will always get the top spot for me, because I'm such a Christmas nut and nothing beats it. But October with all its gorgeous leaves, harvest festivals, pumpkin farms, and Halloween is a close second! We had such an awesome time at the pumpkin farm, and got some of my favorite pictures from the whole year!
Which month is your favorite?


  1. Looks like you guys had a blast! I love the pumpkin patch. Fall is definitely my favorite season and October is my favorite month!

  2. Those are such cute pictures! I love that you actually get to go out in a field in pick your own pumpkin. I have never done that before, we should one year...

  3. Can't have fall without going to the pumpkin patch! My favorite month is November because my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.

  4. WOW lots of GREAT pictures and what an adorable little pumpkin patch!!!

  5. I love pumpkin patch pictures! The 3 of you and Natalie together are just adorable! You are so pretty!

  6. Fun! I've had good intentions of making it to a pumpkin patch this month, but I didn't know of any area ones. Should have asked you. Now I have sick kids, and it won't be happening this year. Bummer. Next year, we'll probably be in Eastern Washington again, and we'll go to the one in Spokane.

    I don't really have a favorite month. I like the warmer months, but I love the Fall colors and smells and such!

  7. Those really are some GREAT pictures of you. I love the one of you and Natalie too, and also the one of your whole family! And I have to say I love Kirsten's pumpkin hat! What a fun day going pumpkin hunting. I'm glad you guys got such great weather for your outing. I love October too!

  8. Every time you post a cool thing that you have done with your girls makes me want to move near you! I love all the cool things that you do. You are such a good mommy to take your girls there!

  9. We live about 2 miles from the biggest pumpkin patch in Phoenix. It costs $10/person to get in. So the only person who has been there for the pumpkin festivities is Rachel on a school field trip. It does include the rides and they have a lot, but seriously ...$60 to go to a pumpkin patch???

  10. You sure have great luck getting super-cute profile pictures out of your pumpkin patching! :) It's amazing how much can change in one year, isn't it?!

    This year I love Decemeber the most... It seems I'm on an every-other-year program, though. I get all into it one year, love it love it love, start humming carols in October, overdo it, and then next year I don't find my holiday spirit until Dec.20.

  11. Your pictures look like so much fun! We were boring this year. I went to a soccer game instead of the party to carve pumpkins! Next year we will carve.

  12. Sweet adorable pictures of pure joy! My favorite holiday has always been Christmas because of the sweet traditions.
    I still have some letters that were written by "Santa" that talked about the birth of the Savior and the sweet joy that brings to each of us.
    My mothers fruitcake recipe I liked when she would only put in cherries, and sometimes add chocolate chips too.
    Stake Christmas choir starts this week, I am so excited!
    Love always,

  13. How fun. I really love October. And your girls are just too cute.

  14. What cute pictures! Looks like you guys had a really fun time!

  15. Natalie looks just like Kirsten. They are so cute!

  16. Those are such great pictures!! And the bunnies are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! I bet Kirsten loved those! Your girls look so cute with all those pumpkins. :)


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