Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Woobie Wear Review!

Be still my beating heart!
I just can't get over how completely adorable little girls look with big flowers on their heads. TOO cute! I received this amazing crocheted beanie with the interchangeable flower clip from Woobie Wear, and I am majorly impressed by the wonderful quality and the beauty of this design! I love the way Kirsten looks in it. It's a show-stopper!!!

I love all beanies and headbands for little girls, but my very favorites are the ones where everything can be interchanged and mixed. And all of the Woobie Wear designs have that awesome ability! The gorgeous flower clips (SERIOUSLY beautiful!) can be worn alone, clipped to hats and headbands, and even clipped onto clothes or bags.
Another awesome thing I love. . . the crocheted beanies include an adjustable ribbon, so one size fits all! My baby can wear the beanie, and it will fit both my girls up to age 10! Talk about a product with a great lifespan!
You've got to check out their website. . . I am totally in love! It takes a great amount of self-control for me not to buy about 10 different flower clips and beanies right NOW. They are just too beautiful, and I want them all!

If you want to buy some, you can send an email to the designer for more information, and they also have a list of world-wide retailers here. You can also enter the giveaway they have going on their website here!


  1. wow She is so cute! and that hat is just adorable!!!!!!

  2. This is a little off-topic, but where did you get that cute shirt for Kiersten? It kind of looks like a monster from Yo Gabba Gabba...

  3. Thanks everyone! The shirt came from Two Zany Zebras etsy shop, I actually have a giveaway going on for them right now on the sidebar and you can enter it!


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