Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ebeanstalk Review!

I think every parent with a baby should own one of these fantastic Whoozit baby toys! The Whoozit by Manhattan Toy is a multiple award-winning toy, and I had seen it before featured in lots of parenting magazines but hadn't ever bought one myself. Now that we were sent a Whoozit from, I can see why it's such a popular toy! Babies LOVE it! Natalie goes nuts over this thing. She's five months old now and loves to reach out and grab everything, so something about this toy completely fascinates her. The Whoozit's got a big fuzzy nose that lifts up to reveal a mirror underneath it, bright colors and high-contrast patterns for visual stimulation, a whole bunch of different textures, and rattles, squeakers, and crinkle-paper sounds. A whole world of fun for a baby!

The Velcro loop at the top of the Whoozit makes it super easy to attach the toy to a crib or stroller. I like to hang mine from Natalie's little play gym, so that she can lay under it and play with it as it dangles down. It's seriously entertaining for her, and I'll most definitely be taking the Whoozit with us on our next airplane trip to keep her occupied!

I'm really impressed with! They are dedicated to providing a place where you can buy the best educational and learning toys for your child, and they match each toy specifically to a stage of development. They have teams of experts who have tested over 10,000 toys and narrowed the list down to the 600 best learning toys. So when you buy a toy from them, you know you're buying a toy that is proven to help your child learn and develop! Pretty cool!

A couple of my favorite things about the website:

*Instead of toys for "2 and up", they match the toys to 3 month incremental stages. So I can go to the section for 2 1/4 year-olds and find toys that will be perfect for Kirsten's age right now! SO smart!

*Each toy you buy comes with a custom instruction card, explaining why they chose the toy and offering ideas for playtime with the toy. This encourages parents and kids to think outside the box and use a toy in several different ways.

*All the boxes they ship their toys in are white. Perfect for coloring all over and turning into a beautiful fort or house! has a massive list of educational toys, and it's hard to choose favorites! One thing I'm coveting is this Rody Horse. I just want to hug it! It's inflatable and kids can either bounce on it or attach it to a base to turn it into a rocking horse. Kirsten would go nuts for it!

Another adorable toy is this heart-shaped doll house.

*Ebeanstalk has a couple of great coupon codes right now!
Use 'ebeanstalk100' for 10% off your entire purchase
And use 'freeship$65' for free shipping on any order over $65 (this one would be awesome if you're buying a big toy for Christmas!)

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