Thursday, October 8, 2009

Baby Bug Creations Review!

Baby Bug Creations is such a cute website, with custom boutique items for babies, toddler, and moms at great prices! Want proof that she makes adorable things?
Here's some proof:

She made the bright, fun tutu that Natalie is wearing! Tutus are just the most adorable things for babies to wear in pictures. They always photograph so well! I love the quality of this tutu, and I love the hot pink and black color combination! She can make any color of tutu that you want, and she'll combine multiple colors for you or add sparkles! The elastic waistbands are covered with satin ribbon, and the ribbon hangs down over the tutu to create a beautiful effect. I just love these pictures I took of Natalie in her gorgeous tutu!

(No, Natalie isn't sitting up on her own yet. I sat her up in one of those Bumbo-like baby chairs for these pictures).
Did I mention that I love these colors? And of course I LOVE this baby! Every little girl needs a tutu like this one!!!

Baby Bug Creations can even make a fully customized first birthday outfit for your little princess! I LOVE this idea! The outfits come with a customized onesie, tutu of your choice, socks or footless tights, and a headband!

The list of items that Baby Bug Creations makes is pretty much endless! I also ordered a Diap and Wipe case from her, and I don't know why I didn't get one of these sooner! It's sooooo handy to pull it out of my diaper bag and have the diapers and wipes ready to go, instead of digging around my bag to find the diapers squashed up in the bottom. Especially now that I have two different sizes of diapers for two kids, some separation was especially needed! She has a really huge list of fabric choices and everything can be customized to exactly the way you want it!

She also makes Boppy Pillow covers, cute Crayon Roll-Ups, Nursing Covers, Burp Rags, Decoupaged Pictures and Letters, and a whole variety of Leggings and other outfits. Go here to see a whole list of her products!

She's offering a nice coupon code to my readers: VFAM10 for 10% off or free shipping!


  1. Such great photos!!! What a little cutie!

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