Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Favorite Holiday Ideas, Freebies, and Deals!

My friends, it's your lucky day! I'm sharing my list of the BEST holiday (mostly Halloween) deals, freebies, and deals I've found. There's some awesome stuff here! So get happy and get ready for some great Halloween treats. . .

1. I'm just dying over how adorable these free printables are! I don't think I've ever seen such cute paper dolls anywhere, and you can download and print them for free!!! Kirsten's too young to be careful with paper dolls yet, so I think I'm going to cover them with contact paper, cut them out, glue the dolls onto a cheap magnetic board, and then put magnets on the backs of all the clothes and accessories so she can play with them without ruining them.

Go here to download the girl Halloween doll, and here to download the boy Halloween doll! (I love the blog these are found on too. . . everything is so cute!!!)

2. Here's another free printable for some really cool spooky labels! If you're providing a dish or four or five for a Halloween party, you've got to attach one of these! Find them here.

3. Not really Halloween-themed, but I just had to share these totally groovy free printables for stickers for your kids! You can print them onto adhesive paper to be stickers, or I think I'm just going to cut around mine and use them for the magnet board I'm making for Idea #1!

Go here for the animals, and here for the space stickers! Make sure you click on the link underneath the pictures that says "Click here to download. . . " It's in really light font and would be easy to miss.

4. If you need a quick dinner on Halloween while you're running between parties and trick-or-treating, Taco Bell is handing out free Black Jack Tacos on Halloween from 6 pm to midnight.

5. Great Christmas gift freebie: If you sign up on TripAdvisor.com and write a review for anything (hotel, restaurant, location, really anything!), they'll send a coupon code to your email for a free 8x8 photo book! I will definitely be using mine as a grandparents' Christmas gift!

6. I made some super cute return address labels from Vista Print. You can customize the little characters to look like each member of your family, you get 140 labels, and all you pay is $3.04 for shipping! Nice deal, especially with Christmas card season coming up!

7. Another Halloween download too cute to keep to myself! I love the way these look on the cupcakes, but there's a million other things you could do with them too!
Go here to visit this fun blog and download the Happy Halloween spider circles!

8. I wish I had enough motivation to make ALL of the following Halloween and pumpkin crafts. I love all the ideas! I'm not going to link to all of them, but I found them all on either FamilyFun.com or BHG.com.

*Isn't this pumpkin just so gorgeous?

*Finally. . . a cool-looking pumpkin template that doesn't require a steady hand and a lot of patience! I have never had the patience to use one of those crazy patterns for a pumpkin carving, especially since I know that the pumpkin will just go bad in a few weeks anyway. This one doesn't look too bad. . . I think even I could carve a circle for the moon and rectangles for windows! It looks awesome too!

*These bats are made out of spare socks! They would look really cool hanging all over a tree in your front yard.

*Halloween-themed windows! I love it!

*Kirsten's probably a bit too young for this craft, but it does look really easy and cute! Kids would have a blast painting mini pumpkins black and adding stuff to make spiders.

*This idea is so simple but sooooo pretty! It would be gorgeous for a Thanksgiving table too.

*We carved one pumpkin last weekend, but we still have two pumpkins that very likely won't get carved at all. It's great to find some really cool inspirations for non-carved pumpkins. I love these swirly wires!

*How easy would this be? But it looks totally awesome!

I REALLY want to make this for our front door!

I'd love to hear what you think of my favorite deals and ideas! And if you know some good ones that I missed, please let me know!!!

Happy week before Halloween! Can you believe it's coming so fast???


  1. Such cute ideas, thanks for sharing. I LOVE the spiral pumpkin...super cute! Have a great week!

  2. Such cool ideas - THANKS! Love the labels for only $3.00!

  3. Wow, what fun ideas - love all the different ways to do the non-carved pumpkins!

    And the labels is a great deal -I just found that earlier and was going to post it. I'll link up to you, though! :)

  4. You have excellent taste, my dear! Those pumpkins and printables are delightful. Where do you get clear contact paper?

  5. I love that wire pumpkin. Where do you find all this stuff?!

  6. I find lots of it on other blogs, and most of those pumpkin ideas came from FamilyFun.com or BHG.com

    As far as clear contact paper. . . I don't know! I'm still trying to find some myself so I can make mine!

  7. These are all cute, CUTE ideas!!! We've got some small pumpkins that the boys are I are going to decorate today, so this is perfect. I've just got permanent markers that we're going to decorate with. The swirlies are cute! And I love all the printables.

  8. Cute crafts! i am going to have to try some of these to kick off the fall holidays!

  9. That was SUCH an *AWESOME* post!!!!!!!!!! I'm totally doing that tripadvisor thing and definitely will check out VistaPrint! I love them already, I get all my business cards super cheap through them!

  10. LOTS of SUPER CUTE ideas! Thanks for sharing!


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