Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kirsten's Vacation!

Kirsten was SUPER lucky this summer, because she got to spend a few weeks vacationing at Grandma and Grandpa's house in San Diego! Kirsten had the BEST time there, and pretty much every minute she's at their house her face looks like this:

She stayed there in July, and got to do a whole ton of fun stuff! I loved getting these pictures from my parents and editing them, since I missed out on those few weeks and was thrilled to see how much fun she had.

Here are some highlights from Kirsten's vacation. . .

*Eating all the fresh fruit from their orchards!

*Especially plums. . . her favorite!

*Going to the family reunion at Fish Lake in Utah (that's right, my parents actually volunteered to take Kirsten on a road trip with them. And Stephen and I had to stay in Seattle with Natalie the newborn. I was sad to miss out!!!)

*Riding on the boat with Grandma at Fish Lake!

*Swingin' the day away under the oak trees!

*Jumping on the "bouncy-seen"

(It's no surprise to me at ALL how much Kirsten loved the trampoline. She always loves jumping, no matter where or on what!)

*Eating an ice cream cone

*Ahhhh, the joys of summer! I love these ice cream pictures. :)

*Playing with "Poppy" (Grandpa)

*She has such a great time with Poppy! She loved riding in the golf cart with him to the ranch next door to pet the horses.

*Making friends with Millie

*Playing hide and seek with Grandma

*Sleeping in the port-a-crib. . . in the closet
(I was amazed to discover that she really did sleep in my parents' closet. I guess it was the darkest room and she slept well there).

*Learning how to dig in the garden

*Coloring pretty pictures. Nothing better than coloring outside!

*Pillaging strawberries from the garden and stuffing her face with them

*Riding in the golf cart and going for walks with "Papa Ray" (Great-Grandpa)

*Becoming a little gardener extraordinaire

*Picking petals off the pretty flowers

As you can see, she had an amazing time!!!
My parents were so sad when they had to bring her back to us. But I sure did miss Kirsten while she was gone! She still talks about Grandma's house, and sometimes she'll randomly start talking about the horses and the bouncy-seen and digging all the seeds. I think she's asking to go back. Sorry Kirsten, I wish it were that easy to get there! But we'll be back for Christmas! If Kirsten knew how to, I'm sure she'd be counting down the days.


  1. She's so gorgeous! You guys look like you had a blast :D

  2. It was fun to get to spend a little time with her.

  3. What a fun time for Kirsten and your parents!!! I love that she slept in the closet. That's a picture worth keeping! I think my fave is the one of her swinging, looking up at her and trees. What a great angle.

  4. I miss San Diego too! Fun to see pics of your parents, I haven't seen them in a long time!

  5. I love your pictures, what great memories to look back on a treasure for her.

    We LOVE Fish Lake...great choice :) we live only 40 minutes away and day a day drive for picnics and fishing on almost a weekly basis in the summer. My parents are up there camping today and we were just thinking of going up there. I love it there!!!!

  6. All the photos are adorable, of course, but my favorite is her digging with her little tongue sticking out!

  7. That is so cute!!!!! It's so fun that she can have grandparents like that!

  8. Your parents must be incredible grandparents. I had to alugh at her sleeping in the closet...That si where ours sleep also when they are still in a play pen! It does make for a dark and quiet environment. :)
    I loved all they did with her... Isn't Fish lake a bit closer to us?
    Cute pictures! ~♥

  9. Yes! this was a sweet treat to see!
    People and memories last eternally!

    My grandparents from both sides lived in Colorado, so each summer we would take the sweet trip there
    to see and hug my grandparents!
    Aunts, uncles and cousins too...
    That is true treasure that lasts!

    Keep sharing your sweeties smiles!

  10. What a fun little vacay for Kirsten! I canNOT get over how gorgeous her eyes are!

  11. Oh, man. Coloring outside is the BEST. Lucky girl!

  12. I always loved going to your house when we were kids! Kirsten is so lucky to have such a great place to go play and you're parents are awesome!!

  13. FUN! It's so awesome to think about your little girl having fun at your parents' house. I loved it there too, Kirsten!

  14. Looks like she had lots of fun! And it looks like they enjoyed having her, how fun that you have such an awesome family!

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