Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mia Carina Review!

I always used to imagine that my first couple of kids would be boys. I don't know why I thought that. . . I guess just because I only have one brother (no sisters) and I used to babysit for a lot of boys. I was just used to boys! But let me tell you. . . having girls is SO much fun! Kirsten loves to watch movies and shows that include lots of singing and dancing (yep, she's my child alright!) and she laughs at the same things I do. Another awesome thing about having little girls is that I get to go crazy over all the adorable dresses, clothes, hats, bows, flowers, and accessories when I dress them up! I have way too much fun with it! But I know my window of opportunity is small, and before I know it she'll be wanting to pick out her own outfits. So, until then, I am taking full advantage of my job as little girl shopper and stylist. :)

I love to find companies that create gorgeous and unique clothing for little girls. I literally gasped out loud when I opened the box I received from Mia Carina and took out this beautiful ensemble. I couldn't wait to try it on Kirsten. Isn't this just adorable? It's like a little dress out of a fairy tale!
Mia Carina started up in early 2006, and began very small. They are just starting to sell their custom-design fashion line through boutiques. Each and every piece they sell is carefully designed, hand-crafted, and inspected to ensure the highest quality. . . and wow, the quality is amazing! Everything about this outfit is intricate, and I'm just in love with all the little details like the fun shape of the hat, the long bloomers to go with the dress, and the little rose on the waistband. Mia Carina loves creating "high fashion for little girls", and any little girl would just go nuts over these gorgeous dresses!

New outfits are created for each season, and most of the lines include multiple pieces that match and coordinate. These are stunning dresses, definitely perfect for photography and special occasions. Someday, when Kirsten will actually let baby Natalie be in a photograph with her without frowning, I want to buy coordinating Mia Carina dresses for the two of them to wear in pictures together. I love the look of coordinating fabrics but different styles, matching but not exactly the same.

You MUST check out all the deliciousness on the Mia Carina website, but here is a sampling of some more of their gorgeous pieces. I completely ADORE these pettiskirts!

This twirl skirt is modern and funky but still totally cute!

If you don't have any little girls right now, looking at Mia Carina's website is definitely going to make you wish you did. :) Go check out these timeless, high fashion dresses and outfits for yourself! And get ready to add them to your Christmas list this year!


  1. I forgot what you said Kirsten was going to be for halloween this year, but if I were you, I'd stick a spider on the skirt and call her Little Miss Muffet! That outfit is SO STINKIN' CUTE!!!

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