Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We're Not Done Posting About Summer Yet!

Brrrr, it's COLD outside! Seattle has finally been hit by a cold front (complete with rain, of course) after several weeks of sunny, beautiful October weather. Judging by everyone's Facebook statuses, it seems like temperatures are dipping all over the country! So, to add some sunshine to your cold days, here are some of our never-posted summer pictures. I know you've ALL been just dying to know what else the Veater family was up to this summer. . . and now you can find out!

*Hanging out at the Pacific Science Center with the awesome Van Dykes! Kirsten was fascinated by the live butterflies flying all around!

Kirsten just loves Allana, she wanted to hold her hand the whole time we were there. It was really cute!

Caution: two year old loose in the Science Center!

*Playing in her new sandbox (thanks so much Grandma!)

*Having some fun with the garden hose!

*Smilin' just because!

*Playing with her friend Christina.

*Growing and getting cuter and happier every day!

*Days at the park in gorgeous sunshine and perfect temperatures!

*Getting dirty and loving it!

*Playing at the splash park! (She didn't get too wet. . . but she still had fun).

*Enjoying some birthday cake. . . "All by myself!" (Common words from Kirsten these days)

*Discovering the joys of Chuckee Cheese for the first time.

We've only been there once, but she sure does remember it! Anytime she sees a commercial or a picture, she immediately says, "Chuckee Cheese!"

She loved all the rides, putting the tokens into the slots, and watching all the singing characters do the show while we ate lunch!

*Cheering for the Everett baseball team at the minor league game.

This was classic Natalie at the baseball game. . . chowing down on her blanket and drooling everywhere.

Gotta love summertime!

I'm almost done posting my summer pictures, but not quite. . . stay tuned for pictures of all the fun stuff Kirsten got to do while she stayed in San Diego with grandma and grandpa!


  1. awwww.... such cute picsss.... i loved all those big flowers on both the daughters... :))

  2. awwww... cute pictures!! those little girls look like Rays of Sunshine!

  3. You guys always do such fun things there and I love all your pictures!!! So cute! Too sad that dang winter is coming...sniff.

  4. She is too pretty! These are great photos!

  5. Fun pictures! Looks like you enjoyed a great summer. =)

  6. Adorable!! Come to my blog for a giveaway :) LOL! :)

  7. Good for you for getting these up! I'm so backed might be inspiring me! Your girls are the cutest!

  8. K I am seriously in love with Kirsten's pigtails!! She definitely got her mommy's thick, gorgeous hair! I can't wait for Marianne to have more hair! Your girls just get cuter every day! (now that we finally have the internet again I can keep in touch better!) :)

  9. Natalie is growing so fast! Her soft cheeks look so kissable:-)

    Such darling summer pictures! You do have two beauties on your hands.


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