Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cheeky Umbrellas Review!

To laugh in the face of rain is something all Seattleites strive to do. At least we all should, if we want to keep the smiles on our faces all winter. :) I personally LOVE the rain and find it very easy to smile and laugh on rainy days! But I've always been strange like that. "Laugh in the face of rain" is also the slogan of the Cheeky Umbrella company, and I adore it! I love to promote any company that encourages a positive attitude about rain.

The gorgeous umbrella I received from Cheeky Umbrellas most definitely brightened up my day. I've certainly never been so excited about an umbrella before! But that's because this is simply the most adorable, clever, and beautiful umbrella I've ever seen and I was so thrilled that it's mine!
It usually only drizzles and mists in Seattle, and really doesn't rain hard enough that we need an umbrella at all. I thought I'd be starting an umbrella collection when we moved up here, and I was very surprised to discover that we hardly ever need one! But after receiving this bright ray of sunshine, I was praying for hard enough rain and a place to go so I could show off my stylish new umbrella.
Think an umbrella can't be cheeky and clever? Think again! The underside of each of their umbrellas has a sassy statement scrolled around the edge in adorable font! Some of the cute sayings are:
"I sizzle in the drizzle"
"I'm not late, I'm rain-delayed"
"This is shopping weather"

And the saying on my Raining Men umbrella?
So if the fun design on the outside of the umbrella isn't enough to keep you smiling, the slogan on the inside just seals the deal! SUCH a cute idea, I'm majorly in love with it!

Some other things I totally dig about these umbrellas:

*They are SO durable and strong! These umbrellas will never blow inside out (like many of my flimsy little fold-up ones have), and they will hold up against the most serious of storms. They're made with an aluminum shaft and fiberglass ribs, and even though they're strong they are also lightweight to carry around!

*You will never have to worry about the quality of these umbrellas, because they actually offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all of their products!

*Not a detail is left out in the stylish factor of these umbrellas! I am loving the black hook handle and silver pushbutton.

*The pongee fabric on the umbrella is quick-drying, durable, and fade resistant. And, of course, deliciously cute! Check out all their fun designs here.

These would make such wonderful and unique Christmas gifts! Any girl who loves to show off her personality and style while still being protected would appreciate such a beautiful gift. Let's all band together to make complaining about the rain a thing of the past! :)

Deal Alert: Cheeky Umbrellas is offering 10% off all orders to my readers with the coupon code 'VEATER', until November 30'th!


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