Monday, November 9, 2009

Eco-Ditty Review!

Reusable sandwich bags and snack bags are getting popular lately, and I recently found out why when I got to try out some of these fun little bags from Eco-Ditty. I had been buying Ziploc sandwich bags in bulk, because it seems like everywhere we go I need to make sure to have an assortment of snacks for my two year-old. I'm sure all moms of toddlers feel the same way! Plastic bags, everywhere! A much more economical and earth-friendly solution is to buy a few of these snack bags made of 100% organic cotton and carry them around with you instead! Really practical and really cute too! Check out this fabric:
These are so great because you can wash them and use them forever! You don't have to keep wasting money and filling up landfills with plastic baggies. You can wash them by hand, in the washer, and even in the dishwasher! I ran mine through the dishwasher, and they held up perfectly! Most of the time I find I don't really need to do anything more than a rinse, because I use them for non-messy snacks.

Eco-Ditty comes in the snack bag size or the sandwich bag size. Sandwiches tend to make these much messier, so plan on washing yours after sending a sandwich in it or wrapping your sandwich in a paper towel first. I think these would be so cute to send in a school lunch box. Just make sure your child remembers to bring them home and never throw them away!
They come in lots of great fabric options, and they are a very high-quality product!
I always feel like I can't do anything really big to help the environment. But it feels good to do the small things, like recycling and trying to reduce waste. Eco-Ditty makes it easier and more fashionable to do just that!

Deal Alert: Eco-Ditty is offering 15% off your entire order with the coupon code 'KIDS15' to my blog readers!!!


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