Saturday, November 21, 2009

Team Jacob Has a New Member!!!

I think it's safe to say that Team Jacob has a whole TON of new members. . . including me!
When I read the books I was always Team Edward. I wasn't really a big fan of Jacob at all. But that's because in the books Edward is stunningly handsome and perfect in every way. I always pictured Jacob being strong and kinda cute, but no match for Edward's amazingness. Now that I've seen New Moon. . . Holy shizoli!
Jacob trumps Edward in pretty much every single way! His smokin' hotness might have a little to do with it (okay. . . a LOT to do with it), but let's talk about personality too! Jacob is charming, funny, endearing, lovable, caring, and masculine to the core. Sorry to say it, but in comparison Edward seems too moody, too serious, pasty white, too skinny, and kind of like a jerk to leave Bella for no good reason. He didn't even save her from almost drowning. . . Jacob did! Now THAT'S a man!!!
I think I better go read the New Moon book again. . . now that I know what Jacob is really like. We'll see if my new team allegiance still stands after I read.

So the movie was GREAT! A whole ton better than the first movie. I never even bought the first Twilight movie, but I will buy this one!

A few of my thoughts about it:

*The animation and special effects were much improved! I only thought one part looked really fake, and it was the first time a wolf came out through the trees. The rest of the wolf parts were really well-done, so I don't know what happened with that one.

*Ooooh, those Volturi gave me the creeps. The main guy. . . shudder!!!

*If I were Bella (and assuming I chose Edward), I would want to be turned into a vampire too, just as badly as she does. It would be awesome to never need sleep, and I'd love to live forever!

*I thought Victoria would play a bigger part than she did. Especially because they made such a big deal of her at the end of the first movie.

*I think every girl in the entire theater was on Team Jacob, judging from all the whistling, cheering, and cat calls whenever he appeared on screen. Oh, and I loved seeing it at the Cinebarre! Miranda and I shared some really yummy fries with queso sauce that they brought out right at the beginning of the movie, and everyone in there was over 21! I will definitely go back to that theater!

*Were there any guys in the whole entire theater? I think I saw two or three. And I'll bet they felt awkward.

*I still really, really don't like Bella. The actress OR the character!

I want to know what you thought!!! Did you switch teams too?


  1. Yeah........I think I'm on team Jacob now.

    IT WAS SO GOOD!!!! I second everything you said. Great effects. I was impressed with how much of the story was cut for length without leaving anything out. I loved that Victoria is what gave Harry a heart attack.

    LOVED IT!!!

  2. I haven't seen it...don't know if I will...hahahahaha...whew...too funny. His body is better than his ugly fanged counterparts, that is for darn sure! :)

  3. I can't swtich teams based on the movie, the book was the original, the movie's jusst someones interpretation of it. I will always be Team Edward.

  4. Still Team Edward over here! Although he is a little too moody. Jacob is more fun to be around, and more friendly. But Edward is super passionate and exciting. I think he's a good lookin' dude - but I don't really mind skinny. I can't wait to see Eclipse, especially that fun tent scene with Jacob. That will be fun!! :) I will definitely have those fries when I'm not diabetic anymore!!

  5. I totally agree with you! I'm definitely now a member of Team Jacob. I felt so bad for him when he was begging Bella to stay and she just dissed him. I hope you had fun at the Children's Museum with Monica!

  6. It is extremely interesting for me to read the post. Thanx for it. I like such topics and anything connected to this matter. I definitely want to read a bit more on that blog soon.

  7. I totally agree! I've ALWAYS been a "Team Edward" member, but after seeing the movie, I've switched - for now :) Jacob = yummy!!!

  8. i STILL haven't seen the movie! can you believe that!?!!!? i didnt get my ticket in time & the theater was ALL SOLD OUT! :(

    i used to not be abls to sTAND Kristen Stewart.... seriously... until one day i looked at my daughter and realized that she looks a WHOLE lot like her!!!! that kinda did something to my opinion~!

    now everyone comes up to Libby {my daughter} and tells her that she looks just like BELLA!!! {of course with no makeup on & with more color and personality!!!!!}

  9. p.s.
    i told libby that if she ever started acting like Bella then she would be Grounded indefinitely! ha ha!!

    She even laughed at that one! She can't really stand her either!!!!

  10. I'm not super into Twilight myself, but I know enough about it to say that I am a huge fan of Jacob, if for no other reason than that he's HOT, and I don't like Bella either! How does she get all the perfect guys??!

  11. I still need to see the movie, but based on the first- I really don't like Bella either. The moie or character. She playes the same moody girl in every movie she is in- I wonder if she is like that in real life?


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