Monday, November 23, 2009

Gift Guide: Michelle Lohr Designs Review!

Oh my gosh. . . check out the sheer gorgeousness of my new favorite purse! This is far and away the most beautiful purse I have ever owned, and right up there with the prettiest I have ever seen. I am SO in love with the bold, graphic pattern and the classic black and white color scheme. It is EXACTLY my style, and I am rocking this purse now wherever I go!
Michelle Lohr Designs is the creator of this beauty. The Sofia City Tote is the perfect size and shape, and it goes with just about every outfit. I get compliments and questions about it every time I carry it around on my shoulder! It's just so stunning!!!

It's 15"x15", so it has plenty of room without getting too big or bulky. Most of the bag is all one compartment, and it has two small interior pockets sewn onto one of the sides. Those interior pockets are awesome! They're just the right size to hold my cell phone and some lip glosses and chapsticks, so I don't have to go digging around the whole purse to find them.

I also love the fun, flirty fabric on this one, the Lily City Tote.
Okay, Santa. . . I really want this matching cosmetic bag for my purse! This would make an amazing stocking stuffer!
All of Michelle Lohr's City Totes sell for $52 on her website, which I think is a fabulous deal for such a beautiful and high-quality purse. She also makes them in two other styles, the Handbag and the Classic Tote. Girls. . . add one of these to your Christmas list pronto (you can even make it really easy for your guy or your mom, and email them the direct link to the one you want!) And if you want to see some VERY happy faces on Christmas morning, buy some as gifts for your closest girlfriends and relatives!

I'm SO thrilled with my Michelle Lohr Designs City Tote, and I just know you will love it too and use it every day for years and years!!!

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