Thursday, November 5, 2009

Two Halloween Nights!!!

At our house on Halloween, we had a too-precious-for-words baby lamb:

A sweet Little Bo Peep:

And Little Red Riding Hood!
I love this picture of me with Little Bo Peep and her sheep!

But I'm getting way ahead of myself!
After decorating the house (with lots of help from little critters who kept wanting to get inside the boxes and eat all the decorations). . .

Do you see why we call them the Halloween kitties?

Kirsten took her cues from the cats, and got inside all the boxes too. . .

After carving up some pumpkins with friends. . .

And playing around in the costume box with Grandma. . .

The night before Halloween was finally here!!!

This was the busiest Halloween I can remember, and it seems like it was that way for everyone else too. I guess because Halloween was on a Saturday??? It really felt like we had TWO Halloweens, one the night before and one on the actual Halloween night. We all wore our costumes both nights, and had a ton of fun both nights too! After all, the only thing better than one Halloween is two Halloweens!!!

There's a few things you should know before reading this post:
1. Yes, I know there are a ton of pictures. Believe it or not, I chose my favorites!
2. I take about a million pictures at a time, because that's the only way I get any good ones.
3. Yes, it does take me forever to go through them all, edit the ones I like best in Picasa, and get them all on the blog.
4. Maybe it's just because they're my kids and of course I think they're cute, but I think I got a LOT of really great pictures! Which explains why there are so many.

Now you can continue. . .
I couldn't resist ordering this adorable Little Bo Peep costume for Kirsten! And it really did look like it was made just for her. She loved wearing such a pretty dress, and even kept her hat on the entire time both nights!

And of course Little Bo Peep needs a sheep! Finding a lamb costume for Natalie turned out to be a nightmare. I had to order it from a separate website, and the company sent me the wrong size TWICE. Yep. . . twice. You can imagine my frustration. I ended up stuffing her into the 0-6 month size, and it was pretty snug but it ended up working out okay. She did look cute!

I just LOVE these pictures of me with my little lamb!

Every year for Halloween, Microsoft does a massive Halloween party in the offices, with trick-or-treating and buildings that are completely decked out for Halloween. It's a ton of fun! This year they had it the day before Halloween, so we got a group of friends to caravan down with us, strapped all the costumed children into the car, and we were off!

There were a TON of people there, but we managed to find some space to take some fun pictures. I know, Stephen's missing from these, but he wasn't wearing a costume that day anyway.

Our friends the Van Dykes came with us!

Doesn't Natalie in her lamb costume just melt your heart?

SO cute!!!

Kirsten didn't even take a nap that day, so I was really impressed at how good and happy she was. The Halloween excitement is pretty contagious!

Kirsten had such a blast all weekend, hanging out with her favorite people. Uncle Chance is definitely one of them. :)

And speaking of happy. . . Natalie just oozes happiness from every pore!

My friend Stacy had a pretty cool zebra costume!

The Microsoft buildings were seriously cool. They had two levels FULL of crazy decorated rooms for people to tour through. They had Candy Land. . .

Pirates of the Caribbean. . .

And Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory! Kirsten did really great in the whole maze of stuff and didn't get too scared of anything!

The Bad Egg Chute was pretty awesome.

Tired girls after all that walking around!

After we got home, we had our delicious, traditional Halloween dinner of Witches Brew and homemade cornbread. We look forward to that meal all year! And we watched our classic Disney Halloween movie, taped off the Disney channel in 1982. As old as me! But it never gets old. :) I can't imagine Halloween without our Witches Brew and cornbread!

Halloween night really WAS a dark and spooky night. It was raining pretty hard! We had our second Halloween dinner (same thing of course!) and then braved the rain to take Kirsten to the ward trunk-or-treat. The rain won't keep us down!!!
And you finally get to see Stephen's costume. Of course. . . the big bad wolf!!!

Kirsten had a total BALL getting candy dropped into her bucket from all the cars and people in costumes! She loved trick-or-treating!

She couldn't keep her hands off the suckers. She kept trying to eat them with the wrappers still on! I think we discovered her favorite candy.

My friend Rozemary was an awesome pirate! Stephen the wolf looks like he's going to attack us from behind. :)

Whew. . . all dry and warm at home!!! Natalie just stayed in her car seat during the trunk-or-treating, but she was happy to get out and stretch!

Natalie's face, after being in her too-small lamb costume for a few hours and carted around in the rain. . . gosh, I love Natalie!

Kirsten just wanted to dump out all of her candy, play with it, eat some of it, then put it back in the bucket and dump it out again!

Yep. . . candy makes me happy too.

Here it is, blog world. . . Kirsten's classic "Baby Natalie touched me!" face. The sibling rivalry starts early. Really early.

Finally. . . Little Bo Peep and her sheep smiling at the same time!!!
Happy Halloween everyone!!! I hope yours was as awesome and memorable as mine was! Can't wait for next year already!!!


  1. Looks like you all had a blast! I think that Halloween falling on a Saturday made a big difference this year. I loved that it happened that way!

  2. I love the Little Bo Peep and sheep idea- too cute!

  3. Your nursery rhyme/fairy tale family looks adorable! Looks like you had a fabulous busy Halloween. Thanks for sharing the fun. =)

  4. I'm the same way about pictures! I totally love looking at all yours - your girls' smiles are infectious! And your costumes were super cute.

  5. Creative costume ideas! The girls look precious.

  6. Those are seriously some of the greatest Halloween pictures I've ever seen!! Love all the costumes!!!!

  7. Absolutely Precious and adorable!

    What is your favorite Halloween candy?

    I love all of the new Reese's!!!

    I was so good to only eat a few and mail tons of candy to 2 son missionaries...

    I recieved a "tear jerker" letter from the one from Brazil. He wrote over and over of his appreciaion of his upbringing and apolozed for sometimes being a "pain"...
    That was my best Halloween "Treat"

    Keep having great holidays!!!

  8. HI Ashley,

    your girls look so cute, I love that idea, and almost did it, but we did a kitty and minnie mouse (pink) of course. we are still in CA, but will be home soon, this saturday, see you at church.

  9. I love your costumes!! So creative

  10. You all look so cute!! Your girls are both just too cute for words... LOVE their costumes! It sounds like a very fun Halloween! You got some great pictures.

  11. Thanks for a regular post - If you spaced out your giveaways I think your blog would be even more fun to read because we love hearing about you!

  12. Thanks for a regular post - If you spaced out your giveaways I think your blog would be even more fun to read because we love hearing about you!

  13. Oh. my. gosh. ALL of your costumes are ADORABLE!!! I love the fairy tale theme! You guys are too cute! What a fun Halloween! And your mom looks great!

  14. Like everyone else, I loved your fairy-tale theme! Adorable! Those pictures of you with your sheep are gorgeous, and I really loved the one of you and Stephen carving pumpkins. :)
    Fun post!

  15. Like everyone else, I loved your fairy-tale theme! Adorable! Those pictures of you with your sheep are gorgeous, and I really loved the one of you and Stephen carving pumpkins. :)
    Fun post!

  16. HAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! LOooooooove Stephen as the wolf...that is just too funny!!!!!!!! And all your costumes are so stinkin' cute and creative!!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOVE them, seriously SO cute!!!!

  17. What an adorable Bo Peep costume! That's so darling! Looks like you had fun.

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