Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kirsten's First Real Haircut!

Check out how long my two year-old's hair was! I know she has gorgeous hair, but it was seriously time for a cut! The ends were getting pretty scraggly, and she hated getting it brushed or even touched. Time to go shorter and spunkier! I knew she'd be scared if I took her to an actual kid's salon, so my awesome friend Sarah agreed to come over to our house and cut Kirsten's hair. I was still worried that Kirsten was going to freak out, just like she does after baths when we comb the tangles out of her wet hair. . .

I was totally amazed, because she was perfectly happy to sit on the living room floor while watching Shrek and didn't mind at all that her hair was being combed and cut! She didn't wiggle too much and actually seemed happy that her hair was being cut.

Look at her smiling! I wanted to say, "Who are you and what did you do with Kirsten?" Seriously. . . I was floored! I guess you never can predict what this girl will be scared of or not.

Sarah did such a great job with her! You just can't get any better than a hair salon that comes right to your home so your little girl will feel comfortable!

LOTS of hair came off!

And her new haircut is totally cute in every way! Sarah left layers in it so it has lots of bounce, and it's so much easier to comb and style now!

My miniature gardener loves to "dig" outside in our front yard by the flowers with a screwdriver. She calls it "diggy the seeds."

Kirsten's new favorite thing in the world is her Cozy Coupe car. All day long she asks to "drive the car" and she has the best time with it!

This is her "don't ask me to get out of the car" face:

As long as she can stay in it, she's happy! So if anyone wonders why we have a massive car taking up space in our already-cramped living room, now you know. I just can't take her outside 20 times a day to ride it. Doesn't she look so cute with her new 'do?


  1. Very Cute!!! Caleb still hasn't had a hair cut (but could maybe use one) My kids have loved our Cozy Coupe. We got it at DI for 8 bucks and it has lasted through all 4 kids!

  2. CUTE!!!!!!! I love it!!! All of the sudden she looks so grown up! :) Love that "Lindsey" clip in her hair too! Looks great!

  3. Is that one of those pillowcase dresses from Etsy? It's so cute on her!

  4. Sarah did such a great job! And good job Kirsten for doing so good!

  5. HOW CUTE!!! She looks so grown up...adorable!

  6. cute hair-do! thank goodness for friends that can do hair, right?!?! :) yay!
    my kids both loved thier little cars... we called them Flintstones Cars :) one time my son actually got Stuck in his.. that is when we know that those cars were NOT made for 5 year olds! it was time it went on to another kid :) lol!

  7. Kirsten's hair looks adorable! I'm glad her haircut went well; Sarah did a great job.

  8. I so love Kirsten's hair!!! They are long and straight!! But i understand that cut becomes a necessity...she looks so adorable...

    And I was out of town for 10 days so cudnt keep up with the blog...And i m definitely not sad..i was just kidding!!! :)))

  9. I LOVE Kirsten's new haircut--it's totally inspiring me to get Kaia's hair trimmed! I've been debating cutting her darling little curls, but the knots have been awful!

  10. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE her new haircut!!! Very fresh and adorable! That one face of hers in the car is hilarious!!!

  11. That was seriously such an awesome "I don't want to get out of the car" face. You take good pictures babe. Love you!

  12. Thanks for letting me do her hair~ It was fun :) She is so adorable!!!! cute pictures!!


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