Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kirsten's Favorite Moments From Our San Diego Trip!

If Kirsten could make a list of her highlights from the San Diego trip like I did, I think her list would look just like this:

1. Running in the sprinklers on a warm sunny day, with an apple in one hand and a plum in the other!
(This is quite possibly my favorite picture of Kirsten EVER! Could she be any happier than that??? I captured her perfect moment on film!)

2. Playing in the little backyard pool with "Poppy" (Grandpa).

3. Playing in the water at Mission Bay.

4. Ridin' the boogy board! Ohhhh yeah!!

5. Playing in the sand!

6. Digging in the sand!

7. Making froggy sand sculptures in the sand (even though Daddy made that).

8. Throwing sand!

8. Eating sand! SAND!!!

9. Riding on Poppy's fun kayak!

10. Playing with my cousin Ashley!

(She was actually a little hesitant and shy)

11. Playing with my cousin Andy (she really DOES love him!)

12. Running around!

13. Driving the golf cart at Grandma and Poppy's house!

14. Riding in the cart with Poppy!

15. Riding in the cart with Agoo (Great-Grandma!)

16. Getting up close and personal with the farm animals at the Fair!

17. Riding the Merry-Go-Round at the Fair for the first time ever!

(I thought she might be scared of the horse moving up and down, but she LOVED it! After we got off, she said, "More horse?")

18. Sitting high up on Daddy's shoulders at the Fair!

19. Stealing someone else's ball at the beach.

(Yep, the ball thief strikes again!)

20. Playing in Grandma's makeup drawer.

21. Going on a road trip to Utah with Grandma and Poppy!
(I took this picture right before they drove away.)
This girl had FUN!!! She was in kid heaven!
I haven't even seen the pictures yet from their trip or from the rest of her vacation without us. But as soon as I get them, I'll be posting those too!


  1. those are such adorable pics...kirsten had god time...i specially loved the beach pics!!

  2. She is just adorable! I love the pictures!

  3. those are soooooooooooooooo cute! Wow what a fun time for her! You take great pictures!

  4. You caught some great pictures!! You seemed to be able to catch the perfect moments to show how happy she was.

  5. It looks like she had a total blast! I love it when kids get to experience a variety of things. She is building some great memories.

  6. First… the pictures are GREAT! Second… that is such a great idea to recap your vacation! I love all of “Kristen’s favorite moments” She is just such a cute little girl!

  7. How fun! You got some beautiful pictures of her having a great time.

  8. Absolutely priceless pictures! She is a doll.

  9. The ones with her soooo happy make me smile!! :) So cute!

  10. What a cutie! Loved the pictures with her cousins. So cute.

  11. You should find a "summer fun" contest to enter that first pic into!! Seriously.

  12. Cute, cute kids. And look at all that fun!

  13. What awesome AWESOME pics. How completely cute are your kiddos??!! I love the kayak shots the best -- your little girl looks like she had a blast!! You all do! How fun!!

  14. Hello!
    Absolutely sweet pictures!!!
    You are definitly talented in picture taking!
    I've been getting 3rd son ready for mission in Brazil.
    One more shot tomorrow and the suits have been picked up and fit great! He's been to the DMV to get his great drivers record and also to make an extension on his drivers liciense before he goes, because it expires next April.
    More detail shopping for sheet sets and minor stuff.
    It does get a bit teary to the heart when this process is going about, knowing he'll be gone for 2 years! And since this is the first one going out of the states, I'm just a little more worried. Faith has to be the main word that is an enlightment in my soul!
    Keep smiling and sharing awesome pictures!
    Love always,


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