Monday, August 10, 2009

Pocket Baby Review

Both of my babies have been binky babies, no question about it. Kirsten still sleeps with hers and I don't know how I'm ever going to get it away from her. I love using pacifier clips to attach Natalie's binky to her outfit whenever we go out, so she doesn't lose them and they don't roll onto the floor and get dirty. But it can be awkward finding a good place to clip it onto her outfits.
And that's why Pocket Baby was created! Lindsey created Pocket Baby onesies so that parents can easily attach binky clips to the pocket on the front. Such a clever idea!
Here's Natalie in her Pocket Baby onesie:
Pocket Baby adds cute and fun pockets to onesies and T-shirts to create really unique outfits!
Natalie looks so cute in hers, and I really like the ease of clipping the binky clip onto the front pocket. Even if your child doesn't use a binky, the pocket could be used for other things or just as a fun fashion statement for your little one. Pocket Baby makes dresses too!
I think this design is adorable, with the brown onesie and the polka dots.
Lindsey has a great discount to offer my readers: enter the coupon code "VEATER30" at her shop for 30% off!

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  1. That is SO cute!! I am going to tell my sister-in-law all about them--my niece is 4 months old so they would be perfect for her!!


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