Monday, August 3, 2009

Three Months Old!!!

We just love our sunshiney, happy little baby! She's three months old, absolutely LOVES attention, and smiles constantly as long as we smile at her!
A few days ago, she rolled over for the very first time, from her tummy onto her back! WOW! Stephen didn't see it, but I saw it and she really did it! She hasn't repeated it since then, but she really likes to be on her tummy and hold her head up and look around.
Some other random things about Natalie are:

*When she gets mad, she snorts. It's kind of funny.
*She really only gets mad when she's hungry or tired. Other than that, she's happy!
*She's kind of noisy! She likes to make lots of loud squeals and happy sounds.
*She's getting pretty good at grabbing stuff and holding toys in her hands.
*She still has blue eyes!
*She's a night owl, and it's really difficult to get her settled down to sleep for the night much earlier than 11 or midnight.
*It's impossible to predict what time she'll wake up in the morning. Sometimes it's 6 am, sometimes 8, and sometimes 10:30!
*She's starting to get scared by loud noises. Sometimes hearing other kids screaming will make her cry!
*She LAUGHS now, and it's completely adorable!!!
Isn't three months old such a great age?
The next things I'm excited for will be for her to develop her full head control, and for her to sit up on her own!


  1. She is such a sweetheart!!! babies grow up so quickly u dont even realize...

  2. Such a fun age! She is adorable.

  3. That looks like a fun age! Fun that she rolled over too!! I still can't wait to meet her, she is so cute!

  4. YES, 3 months is awesome. You know I got my son, who loved to take care of himself when he was little, a little Bumbo seat...only not that brand. A cuter one. He LOVED IT. He was older than 3 months though. But it really helped him to be able to see the world like he wanted.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my contest.

  5. She's so cute! I'm glad that I got to meet her (and see you!) last week. Good times.

  6. She is adorable I love that age too! sadly my youngest will be 5 in December! It goes by sooo fast enjoy it!

  7. She is so sweet. I wish you could come to the wedding this weekend. It would be fun to see you guys. Dan and I will be there. Lucky for us it is the same weekend Dan's brother is getting married and we already had airline tickets.

  8. Aww she's so cute!! What an adorable little girl.

  9. I see that your friends with Angie! I just wanted to stop by and found that I loved reading your blog!

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  11. Hello!
    This is what I adore - Pictures that melt the heart!
    I am NOT into any of the shopping or looking at items for sale.
    I told my husband how he should appreciate my simpleness in life!
    I am not into make-up, clothes, jewelry, shoes, perfume, hair stuff. I sometimes feel that I should have been raised on a farm with jeans and tennis shoes!
    Our trip to Colorado was great!
    I got to see a 92 year old uncle and an aunt that is 85! lots of more aunts and uncles and cousins!
    I loved the Denver temple!!!!
    Orange County Fair is tomorrow!
    Lisa and family

  12. What a gorgeous girl!!!!!!! I love her smile, so cute!


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