Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer Lovin'

Lots of people have been asking, "What did you DO while Kirsten was in California?" So here's a recap of our July, after we got home from San Diego:

*I was amazed at how much easier life is with one baby than with a baby and a toddler! I missed Kirsten LOTS and LOTS, but wow was it easier! I had a lot more free time than I'm used to, let me tell ya!!!

*During our extreme heat wave that lasted for a full week, we took Natalie swimming for the first time ever! She liked it so much, we took her twice!!!
CUTE little baby in the pool!

*I had a couple of jobs playing the harp for weddings!

*I rediscovered my love for vanilla ice cream with fresh sliced strawberries all over it. Deliciousness! I pulled Stephen right into it with me too!

*We played lots of games with friends. Game nights are the best!!!

*I remembered that even though I adore Seattle's mild, beautiful summers, when the heat hits 90 and above I start craving some winter!!! Cuddling up in bed under thick comforters, fires in the fireplace, hot chocolate, and temperatures cold enough to enjoy all that sound niiiiiice to me when it's too hot!

*Horrible, awful, disgusting moment of the month (or actually the YEAR so far): I found the world's oldest, smelly, squishy brown banana at the bottom of our fruit bowl. I don't know how in the world we missed it for so long! It squirted brown juice everywhere when I picked it up, and I had to majorly clean up the kitchen. I'm still shuddering when I think about it!

*Did some major organizing and cleaning while Kirsten was gone. We didn't do many fun things on the weekends like we usually do, since we knew we had limited time to get everything done. So our weekends were a little boring, but it does feel good to have organized closets and clean spaces again!

*Went to Tulalip casino! Natalie put some money on black!
Well, really we bypassed everything and hit up their buffet. I felt like I was in Vegas!
It's all you can eat, baby!!! ALL you can eat!
She totally wanted some!
*Went to our little friend Saide's second birthday party. Miranda threw a fun little Mickey Mouse pizza party for her!
*Ahhhh, sweet days of summer! I can hardly believe it's already the middle of August!


  1. Nothing cuter then babies in bathing suits!! LOVE HER!! :)

    Eww about the banana...good thing I ate my banana before I read this. LOL!

  2. I started missing winter, too, when it got so hot! It made me want to wear a sweatshirt and have some hot chocolate. Thank goodness it's gotten better. :)

  3. What? No picture of the grosssssssssss banana?
    Looks like you guys had a great time! :)

  4. I'll have to send you those other pictures from Saide's party. I keep forgetting! Woohoo for the casino! :)

  5. Sounds like you made good use of the time!
    I use the word "DE-JUNK" and "De-junking mood"
    when I go through and clean out everything! Some of my friends are now using the word, and they remind me that they learned the words from me...
    My oldest daughter started cosmotology and with her 3 little ones, I help watch them once a week when she and her husband are both in school at the same time.
    It is so fun being a grandma!!!
    Count down to winter.
    Keep smiling and sharing the joy of your life!
    Love always,

  6. That must have been so nice to get so much done. Natalie looked so adorable in her swimming suit! Makes me want to go swimming suit shopping for our baby, even though she won't be wearing one for a long time!

  7. Natalie is looking so cute!
    Strawberries with vanilla ice cream. Mmmm!! I've got some strawberries but no ice cream. Good thing I am going to the store later. :-)

  8. I really like the bottom picture. You should crop out everything but you and Natalie from your hands up and it'd be a really good profile picture.

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