Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Noodle & Boo Review!

I received an amazing Noodle & Boo Special Delivery gift set, and I am now hooked on these skin care products that both look and smell so beautiful!

This gift set for babies includes:
Super Soft Lotion, Extra Gentle Shampoo, Soothing Body Wash, Ultimate Cleansing Cloths, and an embroidered baby washcloth.
What I love about these products:

*Noodle & Boo has such a wonderful mission statement: They create luxurious products using gentle, wholesome ingredients that are optimal for sensitive skin.

*I love that a significant portion of their profits are set aside for children's charities.

*Their signature creme douce scent is amazing! I would buy these products just for the scent. I've been using them on Natalie and they make her smell yummy enough to eat!!!

*The Soothing Baby Body Wash is soap-free and totally soothing for tender skin. It makes the water so milky-soft I wish I could bathe in it too!

*The Ultimate Cleansing Cloths are seriously the best baby wipes I've ever used! I've been carrying them around in my diaper bag and I will be sad when they're gone. I love the scent, love the softness and thickness of the wipes, and love how gentle they are.
People love these wipes so much that the company created the Little Bottoms Program, and they automatically deliver them on a regular schedule at a special value.
*Their Super Soft Lotion is their best-seller and I can see why! It's ultra-light and silky, hypoallergenic, and pediatrician-tested. I love giving Natalie mini baby-massages with this lotion, and it makes her so happy too!

I've only tried their baby products so far, but Noodle & Boo has a whole line of skincare products for mommies-to-be, new moms, and women of all ages!
I'll bet this Glowology Love Light candle is amazing! Glowology is such a cool word. . . it sounds like I'd want to take a class and study it!
Their maternity products look divine, like this Glowology Perfecting Creme that helps to prevent and reduce stretch marks. I sure could use some of that, let me tell you!
All of their products would make such awesome baby shower gifts, perfect for pampering a new mom and her sweet little newborn. And who could use pampering more than a brand new mom? I think nobody!!!

You can buy Noodle & Boo products at Nordstroms and many other fine department and specialty stores.

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