Thursday, August 20, 2009

Poor Little Teether Baby!

Natalie is one VERY happy baby.
But even happy babies are hit by the massive case of fussiness I like to call "the teethes." Poor little one! She's woken up several times tonight already and from her naps today, screeching in pain! When I pick her up, she soaks my shoulder with drool in half a second. She's constantly chewing on her hands, blankets, anything she can get her mouth on, but usually doesn't want a binky.

I always feel so helpless when my babies are teething! You can try Tylenol, teething gel, teething tablets and it might help a little bit. . . but growing teeth sure is a nasty business!


  1. poor baby! she is so sweet! when are you guys coming back down this way?

  2. You know what? I've never had problems with my kids when they were teething. I never even knew they were teething until all the sudden I would notice the little tooth starting to stick out.
    If only that was how it was for all babies. Hope Natalie is feeling better soon!

  3. Oh! Poor little girl, that is heartbreaking! So, were you up at 2:58 blogging anyway? Or were up becuase of here, that is crazy and way impressive that you are coherent at that time of night!!

  4. (psst! Jeanette, you aren't supposed to share stories like that to mothers of teething, not-sleeping babies! lol...)

    So sorry, Ashley. Teething is no fun!!! I hope it's overwith SOON.

  5. I'm living in terror of Vivian starting to teeth before Ethan finishes- he still has 6 teeth to go, and she's almost 3 months old... I don't think we're going to make it!

    Hope she feels better soon.

  6. Teething is no fun (for the babies or parents!). I feel for you guys!

  7. I think a lot of mom's are going through this right now. I used night time origel and it worked magic! Not sure what's in it... but it works!!!

  8. With Christina, it helped to give her cold, wet washcloths to chew on - you might even want to wet one and stick it in the freezer for a while. You could also try one of those teething rings that you can refrigerate or freeze.

    There's even a toy out there that vibrates when baby bites down, which supposedly helps the teeth erupt quicker. Christina didn't use that one too much, but it's worth a try.

  9. Awww. I'm glad my kids are past that point. It sure isn't very much fun! Of course, they wake up in the middle of the night for other reasons. ;)

  10. poor thing.. Teething is Terrible! i remember when my wisdom teeth were coming in... it HURTS!!!!! i can only imagine that the pain must be similar or maybe even worse for little babies!
    i hope that tooth huries up & comes in!!!!

  11. Hello!
    Old-fashioned again, I also hated teething time...My favorite thing I did back then was put some Chloraseptic spray on a q-tip and put iton the gums, of course when they were really mountainous looking my mother-in-law would break them through...Not me...
    She did it so perfectly! worked every time!
    Hang in there!

  12. She is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! She's getting so big! Poor thing though, I hate teething! My sis-in-law had these orajel Q-tips full of stuff that were AMAZING though. My nephew was pretty happy after that.


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