Tuesday, August 4, 2009

PishPosh Mommy Review!

One thing I've learned in the past two years is how important organization is to a mom! It's pretty much essential. . . unless you want to find yourself stranded somewhere with no bottles, diapers, extra outfits, or whatever you happen to need at the moment! I also know that it's incredibly hard to stay organized and keep it that way. I have a few diaper bags. . . a small one, a large one, and I'm constantly switching stuff between the different bags and forgetting what I left in each bag. At least that's what I used to do, until I got my PishPosh Mommy Quick Zip bag! Isn't it cute???
Not only is it cute, it's incredibly smart as well! The PishPosh carryall is designed to be a purse organizer, diaper bag organizer, and stroller organizer for all your baby essentials. You don't have to sacrifice your style and stop using your favorite purse just because you have a baby. Just stick all your stuff in the PishPosh bag, and you can easily switch it all from purse to diaper bag while keeping it organized and neat at the same time!
You can stay organized while keeping your style! I love it!

My favorite features:
*Tons and tons of pockets and compartments! The inside has three pockets, one zippered pocket, and two elastic pockets for bottles or sippy cups. It's just impossible for stuff to get lost in this bag! Inside mine, I keep diapers, wipes, an extra baby outfit, my wallet, sunglasses, chapstick, snacks for my toddler, a burp cloth, a couple of baby toys, and a bottle and sippy cup. The bag is really lightweight but still has room for all that stuff and more!
*I also love the seven different pockets on the outside of the bag! They're perfect for holding a cell phone, keys, bibs, spoons, sunscreen, diaper cream, pacifiers, and toys. At least, that's what I put in mine. The possibilities for organization are endless! You could definitely use this cute organizer even if you don't have a baby.
*I adore the fun fabric choices and the water-resistant lining!
*It's awesome that the bags close at the top, making it very self-contained. I received the Quick Zip, but they also sell the Pull-String style. Both are totally cute and easy to use!
*I just love how it makes everything so easy, and when you want to switch purses you don't have to think too much about it. Just grab the new purse, move your PishPosh into it, and you're ready to go!

The only thing that might deter some people is the size. The PishPosh carryall is pretty big! So you have to have a really big purse or diaper bag for this to fit inside it. It definitely doesn't fit in any of my small purses, or even medium-sized ones.
I love my Quick Zip bag! I appreciate PishPosh Mommy so much for giving me the opportunity to review such a wonderful product!

To buy your own PishPosh carryall, visit their website and use this coupon code for 10 percent off: VF10.


  1. SO CUTE! love the brown one with flowers, I will have to visit their website for sure!

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