Monday, August 17, 2009

LTDchix T-shirt Review and Giveaway!!!

This one goes out to ALL the moms!
We all know that motherhood sure isn't the endless stream of kisses and hugs from sweet, innocent faces that we used to imagine it would be. It's wonderful, it's incredibly rewarding, but it is most definitely the toughest job out there.
LTDchix (standing for "Living the Dream") creates products with such a wonderful sense of humor, showing us that we are not the only ones who have those kinds of days. We've all been there!
These fun shirts display an image of a mom engaged in one of the many endless tasks of motherhood, on top of the words "Living the Dream."

I loved reading about how two moms created this company, so I've pasted some of it here in their own words, from their website:
What had happened to that idyllic dream of being the perfect mom with the perfect kids and the perfect life?

We came to a few conclusions that day. First: this was it. We were Living the Dream. Being a Mom really is tough sometimes, we’re faced fairly often with some pretty insane and chaotic situations, and WE LOVE IT! We wouldn’t trade it for the world!

On the way home that night, we started talking about how we got to this point in our lives. Why hadn't anyone told us? Did we ever truly understand when we were younger just how much time we’d spend every day doing laundry, carting our kids to activities, cooking, house cleaning and countless other chores in and out of the home?

Back when we were sitting at our orderly desks in our organized workplaces, balancing budgets and spending our paychecks on business suits and happy hour, we had no clue what was in store when we traded in 9-to-5 for 24/7. We decided then and there that we should come up with a line of T-shirts that relate to all the moms out there – shirts that really express what we all experience on a daily basis.

Whether you’re balancing the full-time jobs of work and home or you’re holding the line on the homefront all day – or somewhere in between – we can all relate to the trials and joys of being a Mom.

So we got busy and hired an illustrator, Steven Anderson from Appleton, Wis., who helped us bring our vision to life. We came up with our slightly sarcastic theme - "Living the Dream"– and then created our signature Mom, who is shown on our shirts overwhelmed and in various situations, smiling her way through daily life.

It's such a great theme, and the pictures are really funny!
This "Minivan Mom" is totally me, unfortunately. :) I cried the day I had to trade in my cute little red Toyota Celica for a big 'ol minivan when I was pregnant with Kirsten. Living the Dream, indeed!
I love the Cooking Mom. That looks like me too, trying to fix dinner while my 2 year-old hangs off my arm and begs, "Uppy?" or "Go outside?"
(Although it's funny that the phone has a cord on it. Does anybody have a phone with a cord like that anymore?)

Beach Cart Mom is another relate-able one for me. Why is it that you have to lug so much stuff everywhere you go that it looks like you're staying for an entire week?

Workout Mom. . . oh, embarrassing confession time. . . this one is not me. I only wish I had the motivation to work out right now like some of my amazing friends do!
Multi-Tasking mom is something I'm beginning to get a small understanding of, now that I have two children. When they're both crying or needing things at the exact same time as each other, what's a girl to do??? There's only ONE of me, and two of them!
Referee Mom. . . this will be me someday!

Working Mom. . . those women deserve some Respect, for sure! Two full-time jobs? Now that is tough!

The T-shirt I was given to review is the Laundry Mom. It makes me laugh, to see the frazzled Mom with her arms full of a massive pile of laundry. I looked JUST like that last week, when I had to do five loads of laundry all in one day!

The shirts are great! While I wouldn't wear mine for a night out or to make any kind of a nice fashion statement, it's a fun shirt to wear around the house or when you get together with other moms. This shirt will get you some comments and laughs, no doubt about it!

And you can win one of the Laundry Mom shirts that I got!
Here's how to enter:
*Leave me a comment on this post telling me which LTDchix Mom is your favorite and which one you relate with the most!

And you can get extra entries if you:
1. Follow my blog!
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5. Go here to vote for LTDchix in the 100 Best Home Business Contest!

*Please leave me a separate comment for each entry. This contest will close on September 1'st. Good luck!!!


  1. I like cooking Mom! No matter what I'm doing, I always have at least one child attached to me!

  2. I follow your blog.

  3. I voted for LTDchix!

  4. Love the referee mom...I always break up fights between my boys.

  5. Without a doubt, I'm laundry mom. SO much laundry.

  6. How fabulous. The laundry mom is great and applicable, and I also love the cleaning mom. I feel like I'm constantly pulling out the vacuum to clean up something!

  7. I follow your blog!

  8. I voted for them!

  9. I love the working mom shirt!

  10. I think I like the vacuum mom.

  11. I like the Laundry mom and the Shopping mom! I'm always doing one of the two, lol!

  12. Blog follower

  13. Voted for LTD Chix!

  14. Tweeted-

  15. The referee mom is definitely me. My kids FIGHT all the time. I have to constantly break up arguments. I hope they grow out of it!

  16. I think I like laundry mom the best.

  17. My favorite is Multi-Tasking mom, I always have my hands full around here.

  18. Blogged here:

  19. I love the multi-tasking mom. I have a 2 1/2 yr old and a 2 month old, so I'm always doing a multitude of things at once these days!

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  21. Hey I already follow your blog.

  22. I just posted on my blog at

  23. Just tweeted about it as well.

  24. Hey I went to the website and those shirts are all hilarious!! Totally describes just about every mom, I really liked the Laundry mom, or even the Referee Mom more. These are great, and they look like comfy shirts.

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