Sunday, August 23, 2009

Flexflops Review!

I am completely addicted to travel. And also to flip-flops. So I was thrilled to receive these awesome Flexflops to review!
They come in tons of different designs, and I picked the World Traveler because that's SO me!
Flexflops are such an ingenious idea! These cute, flexible flip-flops fold in half to fit in the matching makeup-style zip pouch, so you can tote them around with you anywhere! The zip pouch is really small and would easily fit inside a purse or bag. I can think of a whole bunch of uses for these flexflops, including:
*Take them with you to get your pedicure, and wear them while your toes are drying!
*Take them with you to work, so you can change out of your uncomfortable shoes as soon as your workday ends.
*Take them any time you'll be in heels for more than an hour. After you ditch the heels, you can wear these and your feet will thank you!
*Take them to the airport!
*Keep them with you in the car
*Take them with you to the gym, so you can change out of the smelly socks and shoes as soon as your workout is done
*Take them to amusement parks! Everyone's had to walk around all day in soaking wet shoes and socks, thanks to a water ride. Wear these on the water rides, and they'll dry really fast! Then you can wear your regular shoes for the rest of the day. (I'm totally doing this next time I go to a theme park!)

Flexflops come in a bunch of colors, and your choice of three fabrics- terry, twill, or microfiber. The ones I got are made of terry, and the top strap is a little itchy. These aren't the best things to wear for extended periods of time. But they're really not supposed to be the most supportive, comfortable things you'll ever wear. They're supposed to be portable, emergency flip-flops, and they fit that bill perfectly!

I wish I had known about these when I got married. . . these would make adorable and super functional bridesmaids gifts!

They will also create a custom design, or personalize the pouches for you!
I think my favorite thing is the adorable pouch. It's SO cute, and if you don't need to take the flexflops with you, you can use the pouch by itself to carry other stuff!
They also sell really cool Emergency Gift Packs, in the fun zip pouches.
I'd love to have this Mom On the Go pack:
I also love the Jet-Setter Travel pack! The blinged-out eye mask would be perfect for the airplane or a too-bright hotel room.

And the Camp Emergency pack would be great to take camping, or to send with your kid to camp. It's cute and small, so they're not going to feel like a nerd carrying a big emergency kit around, and they'd be ready for small emergencies.
Check out their website to buy these awesome products! And use the coupon code: TWITTER for 10% off!


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