Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Favorite Highlights From Our San Diego Trip!

Here they are at last!!! In random order, my very favorite moments from our wonderful trip to San Diego that we took at the end of June! Read on for lots of pictures and some serious fun in the sun!

1. Eating at Rubio's. SO yummy! My favorite thing to order there is the grilled chicken nachos. I love their guacamole! We ate there more than once.

2. Getting all of the extended family together for Natalie's special blessing day.

3. How sweet Natalie looked in the beautiful blessing dress my mom made for her!
4. My grandparents and lots of my other family members getting to meet and spend time with Natalie.
5. How happy she was that day! Everyone couldn't believe how much she was smiling, and she even smiled all the way through her blessing. Natalie Joy is the right name for her!
6. Lots of babysitting from my parents! Stephen and I had such a blast going out together and playing games with my friends. We also got to see Night at the Museum 2 and Up in 3D! We loved Up, it was just the cutest movie ever!

7. Eating at Chili's, and getting a yummy meal and my favorite dessert in the entire world! Hot fudge molten lava cake. . . I can almost taste it right now!!!

8. Our super fun day at Knott's Berry Farm! Can you believe I grew up an hour away from that park and had never been there before???
9. Getting jerked around and wiped out by the roller coasters there. They were huge and really fun! My friend Brandon came with us, and we had such a blast!
10. Eating Mrs. Knotts' famous chicken dinner at the restaurant at Knott's. We loved it all. . . the chicken, the mashed potatoes, the biscuits and jam that just kept coming, and the homemade pie!
11. Getting to spend time with one of my very best friends, Carrie, and meeting her baby Hadley who was born only one week before Natalie was! We even had a sleepover together one night. It was just like old times. . . except we have babies now!
12. Taking pictures of the two babies together. They both kept slumping over and trying to suck on each other. It was hilarious!

13. Eating at In-n-Out. You just can't go to California and miss out on that!

14. Watching Natalie play in the baby swing my parents put me in when I was little!
15. Putting Kirsten on the leash for the first time! It was seriously funny. She was just like a dog, going around and around in circles and trying to get away!
16. The Del Mar Fair! I grew up going to this Fair, but hadn't been in a few years. Everything was just like I remembered it, and we went two on two different days with our friends. It's the best fair EVER!!!
17. Seeing the Abba concert (not really Abba, but it sounded a whole lot like them!) at the Fair. Kirsten, who loves all the Mama Mia music, had a great time too!
18. Two words: FAIR FOOD!!! Oh yum!!! We had Australian Battered potatoes drenched in cheese sauce, bacon cheddar fries, cherry lemonade, French bread pizza, nachos, chocolate cream puffs, homemade fudge, a huge ice cream sundae cone with fresh strawberries, and a deep-fried Reese's peanut butter cup!
19. Stephen even tried the brand new Zucchini Weeni. . . a hot dog wrapped in zucchini and deep-fried, of course! Death on a stick!
20. Going through all the exhibit halls at the fair and seeing some amazing prize-winning flowers.
21. Riding the Skyfari ride with Stephen and getting to see the entire fair from up high!
22. The hilarious Turkey Stampede and the hypnotist show at the Fair!
23. Spending a wonderful 4'th of July night at the Fair. I can't think of many better ways to spend that day! The fireworks show was amazing, and Smokey Robinson performed a concert right afterward. What a way to celebrate being an American!
24. Ending our time there by riding the Ferris wheel all lit up at night!

25. My adorable little sparkler, Natalie, all decked out for the 4'th!

26. How much fun Kirsten had playing with her Grandma! (A whole post is still to come about Kirsten's top highlights from the trip!)
27. Attempting to get a picture of all of us together on the 4'th of July. It didn't happen! Kirsten refuses to sit still for photographs.
28. Spending time at the glorious beaches!

29. Our night at the Padres baseball game! The Padres lost pretty badly. . . but the new stadium is right in the middle of downtown and it's so beautiful!
30. Getting a hot fudge cookie sundae from the Ghiradelli Ice Cream shop after the game. That's where we went on our very first date! We love going back there!

31. How good Natalie was on her first plane rides! She was so quiet!
As you can tell, we had an AMAZING trip!!!

The only low point of the trip. . . my parents' house flooding just a few days before we left. It was a complete wreck! Huge fans and dehumidifiers were brought in to dry everything out, so for a few days it was unbearable to be at the house. It was WAY too hot and dry! We ended up sleeping at a hotel for the last couple of nights.

We love San Diego!!! I'll always be a California girl at heart!


  1. Looks like a fabulous trip. Your childre and so adorable!

  2. Wow, what a fun trip! We were sorry to miss Natalie's blessing, but I am glad it was fun for everyone to be together, I wish we could have been there.

    We should go to the Del Mar Fair looks really fun!

  3. Wow, looks like you had a great time! You sure packed a lot of activities in your schedule! :)

  4. Looks like a great trip- I hope your parents' house is all recovered from the flooding!

  5. My goodness, now that was an adventure filled trip!!! I heart SAn Diego right along with you and will be so sad when it comes time to move away!!

  6. MEEEE TOOOO!! I'm totally a Cali girl just living in Ohio. LOL! Such a fab time! :)

  7. What a fun trip you had! I think it would be hard to come back after such a great time.

  8. How fun!! Sounds like lots of yummy food and fun things to do. You guys sure know how to have a good time on vacation!

  9. Ohhhhhhhhh!!! I love all your pictures!!! And their little patriotic outfits and bows....EEEE!! They just make me all giggly, I love it! And Natalie's dress...SOOOOOOOO pretty! What an angel! Looks like you guys had such a fun time!!!

  10. that picture of you and your friends both holding your babies is precious!

  11. 2 is such a fun age, isn't it? I loved the picture of the cute Veater 4th of July girls... complete with tantrum-throwing-2. So funny! But hey, at least you looked gorgeous!


    I tried not to drool and be jealous of your Fair-ing... Del Mar Fair is the BEST BEST BEST! I miss it. and I miss you!

  12. YES! Such adorable pictures!
    What a fantastic trip!
    Family, food, and fun! What great memories flew my mind, and after just going to the Orange County fair, YES - it was great as always
    too. I ate a soft chicken taco!
    I have been doing great at eating healthier food and working out! I have lost 8 pounds so far!

    I remember having to use 2 leashes
    at one time when I went up to Washington to help my sister after she had surgery. I went by myself and brought my first 2 little ones with me. (A boy and a girl)I do remember getting help with luggage when I got there.

    Keep the adorable pictures coming!
    Love always,
    (I start school in 10 days! Yes I have the books and am reading to be ready!)

  13. How fun that you got to hang out with Carrie and Brandon! :) I love that Hadley and Natalie had matching outfits too!! So cute!
    PS I'm just a little jealous! :) We will be there at Christmas, will you?

  14. Ashley! Your extended family consists of some of my very FAV! people in the entire world! For protection of their names I will just put last name 'C' and girls. 'P' is just younger than I and 'T' is just older than I. We grew up in Grossmont Ward together and I lived right down the street from your grandparents. I've lost touch with all of them - but plEEEEEEEase let them know that Summer DeMarcus says Hello! and thinks of them often and with great fondness! How are you related?
    Oh - I miss SD and am so glad that you had a great time there!

  15. Looks like lot of fun.

    Your girls are so cute!

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