Wednesday, February 20, 2008

That's One Full Diaper Bag!

I got tagged to dump my bag awhile ago, and finally I got around to doing it! Who would think that I'd need to carry this much stuff around for one small baby? My bag is always stuffed to the gills, so I spread it all out on the floor and wow... nobody could say I'm not prepared!Here's a list of all the stuff:
-3 Pampers Swaddlers diapers, size 2-3
-Changing pad that came with the bag
-A couple packs of baby wipes
-Cute jungle-printed burp cloth and a white one
-Extra outfit (I've almost never needed it, but when you need one you sure are glad you always carry it around!)
-Extra binky
-Baby socks (wow, didn't realize I had four pairs in there!)
-Shout Portable wipe packets and Wet Wipes
-Essentials for me: Hand sanitizer, lip gloss, small bottle of lotion, and Chewy granola bar
-Baby Orajel teething swabs
-And a whole variety of toys, rattles, and cloth books that she can play with and chew on.
Kirsten couldn't resist the pile of stuff. She had to come right over and get in the middle of it all! Some other things not pictured that I always carry with me in my diaper bag/purse are:
Wallet, cell phone, keys, sunglasses, and usually an Avent bottle of formula.
I didn't want a diaper bag that had anything cutesy on it. I figured Stephen would appreciate that too when he carries it. So here is the big blue diaper bag I take everywhere with me and Kirsten.
I love this small brown diaper bag, because it pretty much looks just like a purse but still has good compartments and side pockets big enough to hold bottles. If I go anywhere without Kirsten (very rare!), this is what I take with me. And if we ever need to run somewhere quickly, I can take this small one and just transfer a few things over from the blue diaper bag.
Now I tag Rachel Gunnell, Michelle Black, and Tiffany Andrews to dump their bags!

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  1. Holy Smoke Ashley!!! You have a whole nursery in your diaper bag! Dang! We have a few diapers, if we're lucky there are wipes in there and maybe a toy and some treats. I'm not very prepared and the majority of the time I forget the diaper bag entirely!


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