Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cute Little Bunny Slippers

I bought these bunny slippers at the mall when I was pregnant, because I just couldn't resist them. I thought they were the cutest little baby slippers ever! And Kirsten can wear them now. She think they're pretty funny.I'm sure other moms of girls can relate to the overwhelming urge to buy every cute little girl outfit they see in the stores. It's a dangerous thing! It's like I don't even care what my own clothes look like anymore as long as they're not hideously ugly, but I want Kirsten to wear the cutest of everything. Girls are just SO fun to dress up!
Such a cutie!


  1. You are too cute Ashley! I love those shoes.

  2. I cannot believe the hair on that girl. It makes her look so much older. So crazy! And so pretty!


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