Monday, February 4, 2008

Snow storms!

While we were in Utah last week, my mom flew up to Seattle and stayed with Kirsten for the two days I was gone. She took these pictures of the crazy amounts of snow we got at our house! By the time I got back the snow was almost all gone, but this is more than I've ever seen here before. Here's the first night it started.These are the houses right across the street from us, and the snow all over the road.
Wow, look at it piling up on the railing and our little tree! I can't think of many things more beautiful than fluffy, freshly-fallen snow. I love the way it sparkles!
Here's what it looked like the next morning. Luckily, my mom and Kirsten were cozy and warm inside our house the whole day.
One thing I love about snow in Seattle is that it stays just long enough to look beautiful, and then it melts very quickly. It's usually gone the next day or even within a few hours. In Utah, there were piles of snow that had been there for weeks! This is another picture of the front of our house the next morning.

Last Monday in Draper, Utah, we came out after the funeral to discover a blizzard! It was 22 degrees but felt much colder because of the frigid wind blowing ice and snow everywhere. You couldn't go outside for five seconds without becoming snow-covered and freezing. We had to drive down to American Fork in that blizzard for the burial, and then back to Draper after that, so it took a very long time and was a slow drive. I was still able to fly out that night, but it was a crazy blizzard for sure.


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