Thursday, February 7, 2008

Our New Table and Fun Dinners

I've been meaning to post a picture of our new table on here for awhile now. We used part of our awesome Pottery Barn gift card that we won to buy the table and six chairs. Chairs are dang expensive! No wonder my parents used to get mad at me for tipping my chair! There's a leaf that can go in the middle of the table, so eventually when we need it to be bigger we can expand it. For now though, the round size is perfect. I think it's SO beautiful, and if you ignore the high chair in the corner our little dining area looks really elegant. It definitely makes our old glass table look shabby. We bought it used from someone when we first got married, and I think it was $100 for the table and all four chairs. It worked just great for awhile, but the cats used it as their personal jungle gym when they were kittens so the wood at the bottom looks pretty bad. The chair cushions were an ugly print too.

Our new table makes a great game table because it's the perfect size, and we have our good friends Stacy and Oscar over for dinner and games most Sunday nights. We love games, and we're glad they love them too! Our favorites lately have been Settlers of Catan, Spades, Scattergories, and Bang.

They brought their fondue pot over a few weeks ago and cooked a full fondue dinner for us. Fondue is so much fun.


  1. That table is so pretty! I am really jealous! I love Settlers of Catan! We should play the next time you are down.

  2. That is a gorgeous table!! I love it. I definitely agree to the drastic improvement of the old table, wow! I still crave Settlers but no one will play with me!!! :(

  3. Hmmmm...fondue. Making me so hungry! And can I just say how totally jealous I am of your Pottery Barn gift card? I love that place! Congrats on the beautiful table and chairs!

  4. Hey it's us! And it's a good picture of us too. Mmmm fondue.


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