Friday, February 22, 2008

The Best Birthday Deals

Yep, my birthday was on February 20'th and I'm now 26. It really doesn't sound much older than 25. To me, it'll probably all sound mostly the same until 29. That sounds older, because it's getting close to 30. I love finding birthday clubs that you can sign up for and get free food. Here are my favorite deals:
The Cold Stone birthday club gets you a free ice cream in a specialty flavor. You can sign up online for all of these, and be sure to have your ID with you because they might check for it.

The Black Angus Prime Club is really awesome. They sent me an email with a coupon for a free steak dinner on my birthday. You can choose any steak up to $19.99 with purchase of any entree. That's where we went for dinner on my birthday, and it was great! I was sad that I forgot to take my camera, because Kirsten looked so tiny sitting the restaurant high chair. I wanted to take a picture!
A lot of people already know about this one, but Red Robin gives you a free birthday burger if you sign up for their birthday club. We went there last week!

This was my birthday present that I asked Stephen for... The American Idol Karaoke Revolution game for the Wii! It comes with a microphone, has a bunch of great songs, and if you want you can be judged by Simon, Randy, and Paula. I've only tried a couple of songs so far, but it's a lot of fun!

Tonight we'll be having cake with some friends and playing games, so I'll post some pictures of that later.


  1. Ooo! Thanks for the info! I got Savanna registered for Cold Stone since her birthday is next week.

  2. American Idol karaoke eh? Oh boy....I could just see that game getting out of control at my place. Ha!


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