Friday, February 8, 2008


How adorable is Kirsten with pigtails?!? I love it!
I've done pigtails a few times now, and unfortunately she does not love it. I use really soft ponytail holders so it shouldn't pull her hair at all, but while I'm getting her hair together to put the holder around it she cries like I'm torturing her. Seriously, tears stream down her face while I'm doing it. She must have the most tender head in the world.
After I calm her down she forgets about them and doesn't try to pull them out. But it's hard to do it because I know it's going to make her start sobbing!
To me she looks so much older with her hair this way, more like a toddler than a baby! I don't know if anyone has noticed from the pictures, but my mom did trim her bangs a little bit when she was here because they were constantly in her eyes.
This picture with my mom shows the first time I tried pigtails, but with the dark background it's really hard to see them. That's why I sat her in front of the white wall for the other ones!
So what's the general vote? Are the pigtails worth the tears?


  1. She has so much hair! Did she always have that much hair? I love the pigtails. I need to try them with Rachel. Then I will have to post a pic on my blog.

  2. I LOVE PIGTAILS!!!! And yes, to me it's worth it. Savanna would look like a ragamuffing if I let the tears win. I think they just get used to it. Maybe I'm a callous mom though, haha. She is getting chubby, Ashley! That's good! And yes, she does look so much older. It's REALLY cute!

  3. Oh P.S. try it when her hair is wet, it tends to not hurt as bad, especially if you've put a tiny bit of conditioner in.

  4. They're definitely worth the tears and sweat put into them! The more often you do it, the more she'll get used to it, and then eventually she'll cooperate more. That's how it's been with my girls at least.

  5. Hi Stephen and Ashley, Kirsten is adorable. Hope all is well with your little family. We love you. Ballard and Susan PS. Ashley, thanks for the great egg nog recipe!


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